Kingdom Hearts 3 – Location Of All Golden Hercules/ Hero’s Belt Armor

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the latest addition to the Kingdom Hearts Franchise and will be available on Xbox and PS4. it will be the sequel to KH 2 story and the twelfth iteration in the KH series.

The new game has been created by Developer Square Enix Business Division 3 and Publisher Square Enix and will be the final Chapter in the Dark Seeker Saga where Sora and his friends will face the evil Master Xehanort and his various forms.

Location Of All The Golden Hercules Figures/ Hero’s Belt Armor In Kingdom Hearts 3

While progressing through the game you will be able to unlock many new weapons, armors, staves and other accessory items which will enhance your character’s capabilities.

The Hero’s Belt Armor is one of the many armors in the game and can be obtained by collecting 5 Golden Hercules Figures which can be found in the Olympus World.

So in this guide, you will find the location of all the five Golden Herc figures and how to get the Hero’s Belt Armor.

Location Of All Golden Herc Figures – In Olympus World

Golden Hercules Figure #1 Thebes/Alleway – from the Agora fast travel point go past the Agora market square and climb the stairs between two building that has wooden structures around it.

Then take the left path through the Alleyway, climb the stairs, turn right and you will arrive in a big building room. in the left corner of this room, you will find the Figure.

Golden Hercules Figure #2 Thebes/ Gardens – this particular garden is Thebes. when you arrive there just go to the center of the garden and you will find it.

Golden Hercules Figure #3 Thebes/ Gardens – in the same area as Figure #2. go to the end of the garden and you will find a small room. here you will find the third Figure.

Golden Hercules Figure #4 Thebes/ Overlook – in the overlook there a giant statue, you will need to climb the wall to reach nearby rooftops and then drop down on the giant statue’s shield. there is a Hercules figure on the shield.

Golden Hercules Figure #5 Thebes/ Overlook – proceed from the rooftops area. climb up small stairs and you will arrive at the end of the area. there you will find a treasure box and next to the treasure is the last Herc Figure.

Obtaining the Hero’s Belt Armor

once you have collected all the five Golden Herc figure go to the Agora Market square and you talk to a small boy. he will take your 5 figures and give you the Hero’s Belt Armor.

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