Kingdom Hearts 3 – Location Of All The Classic Kingdom Games

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is an action role-playing game based on the popular Disney, Pixar, and Final Fantasy franchise and has been created by Publisher Square Enix and Developer Square Enix Business Division 3.

It will serve as a sequel to KH2 and the story takes place after the events from KH 3D: Dream Drop Distance. just like its predecessor, it will feature Sora as Protagonist along with other classic characters teaming up to stop Master Xehanort’s devious plan.

Location Of All The Classic Kingdom Games In Kingdom Hearts 3

Through the out the progression of the game you will able to unlock find new Lucky Emblems, Treasures, Weapons, armor, and other items.

The Classic Kingdom Game is one of the many Collectibles you will find in the game. these are mini-games which can be played for rewards, achievements, and fun.

There are 23 Classic Kingdom games in the whole game. so in this guide, you will find the location of all of them.

Twilight Town’s Classic Kingdom Games

Classic Kingdom Game #1 Mickey, The Mail Pilot – In The Neighborhood -from the save point go to the left side on the street. here look for a green poster board with neon sign saying “Now Showing”. this board has four more posters each referring to different classic Kingdom game.

Classic Kingdom Game #2 Building a Building – refer to Classic kingdom #1.

Classic Kingdom Game #3 The Musical Farmer – refer to Classic kingdom #1

Classic Kingdom Game #4 The Mad Doctor – refer to Classic kingdom #1.

Classic Kingdom #5 Giantland – Unlocked after completing Twilight town.

Toy Box’s Classis Kingdom Games

Classic Kingdom #1 Mickey Cuts Up – In Galaxy Toys First Floor – head to the giant bubblegum machine and get inside it. here you need to interact with symbols in the center to get to the top. so take the green rail all the way to the top of the building. once you reach the top, look to the left side and you will see a treasure. this chest has Classic Kingdom Game Mickey Cuts Up.

Classic Kingdom #2 Taxi Troubles – In the Lower vent area – Here proceed through the vents until you reach the fan room where the fan shuts down when the light is blue and turns on when the light goes red. cross this fan part and go down the vent shaft sliding to the bottom. you will find a save point and on the right, you will find a chest. inside this chest is the Classic Kingdom Game Taxi Troubles.

Classic Kingdom #3 The Barnyard Battle – In Kid Korral area – inside the Kid Korral go into the play-place that leads to the tube with Yellow/white-green/white patterned tube. then take a right into the tube with blue/white/yellow color. after getting out of it you will find a treasure right before you. in this chest, you will find the Classic Kingdom Game The Barnyard Battle.

Kingdom Of Corona’s Classic Kingdom Game

Classic Kingdom #1 Camping out – In the Hills – from the starting location of the hills follow the path on the left until you arrive at a cave just beyond a few rocks between trees. enter the cave by jumping over the rocks and at the back of the cave, you will find a treasure which contains the Classic Kingdom game.

Classic Kingdom #2 The Wayward Canary – In the Wildflower Clearing – from the starting point of this area go up the wall on the left. then get past the first two trees by sticking to the wall. once you reach the third tree pass under the branch and look at the bottom of that tree and you will find a chest which contains the game.

Classic Kingdom #3 The Karnival Kid – In Thoroughfare – from the save point keep going forward until the road goes right. here you will see a group of people who have surrounded the treasure chest. to remove the people just go to the barrel present there and select perform. the crowd will move from the chest area. now open the chest and get the game.

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