Kingdom Hearts 3 – Location Of All Flantastic Seven/ Flanmeister Trophy


Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 finally arrived on major consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. it is a sequel to the KH 2 but the story takes place after the event from KH 3D: Dream Drop distance which was released in 2014.

Now after almost 6 years players will be able to play the final Chapter of Dark Seeker Saga. you will play as Sora the protagonist along with his friends from different universes and venture into the adventure to collect the seven Guardians of Light and stop the plans of Master Xehanort.

Location Of All Flantastic Seven/ Flanmeister Trophy In Kingdom Hearts 3

To get this trophy you will need to beat the mini-games from the Flantastic seven. the Flanstastic are giant green-white pudding like creatures with fruits on top of their heads.

There are a total of seven such creatures and are present in the different worlds. the mini games are of normal difficulty but the main problem with them is not the games but finding them.

Important Note – These creatures only spawn after you have completed a respective world. for example, to get the Flan of Olympus you will need to complete Olympus. so it is not possible to encounter them in your first playthrough of a particular world.

So just finish the world and replay it to find them. below you will find the location of all the seven Flantastic creatures.

Location Of All Flantastic Seven
Cherry Flan – In Olympus – Overlook Fast Travel

Here you need to teleport to the second travel point in Thebes. from the trave point just climb stairs until you reach a dead end before a temple looking building.

Strawberry Flan – In Toy Story – Rest Area Fast Travel

Here you need to teleport to the third travel point which has a bunch of seats. using it will take you to the Galaxy store. now from you spawn points go towards the three vending machines and near it, you will find the Strawberry Flan.

Orange Flan – In Kingdom of CoronaThe Forest

Can be found in the Forest part of the map. just teleport to the second fast travel point. now from you spawn points go through the Canyon in the southeast direction until you reach a big green field. here you will find the Orange Flan.

Banana Flan – In MonstropolisBasement Fast Travel

Here just teleport to the third fast travel point and proceed through the slighting pink color door. then go straight, take a right, proceed through the corridor filled with doors. here you need to go through the brownish color door at the corner. taking this door will send you to a new area. now just turn around and you will be able to see the flan present at the end of the corridor on a platform.

Grape/Blackberry Flan – In Arendelle – Mountain Ridge Fast Travel

Here teleport to the fifth fast travel point which has Elsa’s Ice castle. spawning at this point will take you before a Moogle Shop. now go the left side of the Moogle shop, towards the edge of the cliff. from here you will be able to see a dark spot beside the pine trees that is the Blackberry Flan. to get to it just jump off the cliff.

Watermelon Flan – In The Caribbean – Port Royal

Here teleport to the sixth fast travel point this will take you Port Royal. from the spawn point, you will find the road going to the right. take it and you will see the Watermelon Flan in the center.

Honey Dew Flan – In San Fransokyo – South District (Only Available at Night)

Here teleport to the third fast travel point and from the spawn go left and look for a big building with minimal light. it will be a big square building but the edges will be rounded. you need to climb it to the top. now from the top of the building look east and you will find the Honey Dew on top of a small building.


Completing the mini-games of each Flantastic creature will give you unique cooking ingredient which cannot be found anywhere.

If you are able to complete all of them and the required high score then you will get Orichalcum.

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