Kingdom Hearts 3 – How To Unlock Hundred Acre Wood (100 Acre Wood)

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is now available on major consoles like PS4 and Xbox. it will be the twelfth installment in the KH Series, the sequel to KH 2 and the final part of the Dark Seeker Saga.

The new edition of the game has been created by Publisher Square Enix and Developer Square Enix Business Division 3 and will be an action role-playing just like its predecessor and will feature Sora as the Protagonist against Master Xehanort.

How To Unlock Hundred Acre Wood (100 Acre Wood) In Kingdom Hearts 3

Throughout the game progression, you will be able to play through many different worlds each having a different story, characters, design and plenty of funs.

There are eleven different worlds and Hundred Acre Wood is one of them. this world is very small and has Winne the Pooh and his friends.

So below you will find a guide on how to unlock 100 Acre wood quickly and easily.

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Unlock 100 Acre Wood

To unlock the Hundred Acre Wood you will first need to progress into the story and play until you reach and complete the Monstropolis world.

Once you have completed the Monstropolis world just go to the Twilight Town and meet Merlin at the Bistro.

If you have completed the above requirement Merlin will give you a book which will lead to the Hundred Acre Wood where you will find Winnie the Pooh.

This world is very small when compared to other worlds and it also comes with a small story. if you only play the story part it would be completed in 12-15 minutes.

The story mostly involves you helping Pooh and his friends with harvest by playing 3 mini-games. to activate these games just interact with the signpost present in the garden.

Important note this world does not have any treasure, or other unique items but does have 3 Lucky Emblems.

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