Resident Evil 2 Remake – Solution Of Greenhouse And Herbicide Puzzles

Resident Evil 2 Remake 2019

Resident Evi 2 Remake 2019 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and would be the remake of the 1998 RE and would be the twenty-fourth iteration in the Resident Evil Franchise.

The new edition of the game has been created by Publisher CAPCOM Co., Ltd. and Developer Capcom R&D Division 1. it would feature the similar story from the original game but with high definition graphics supporting up to 4K and a completely new soundtrack.

Solution Of Greenhouse Lab Code And Herbicide Synthesizer Puzzles In Resident Evil 2 Remake 2019

While progressing through the game you will need to fight different enemies, remove obstacles, unlock objects and solve puzzles to progress.

The Greenhouse Lab Code and the Herbicide puzzle are two of the many puzzles you will need to solve in the game. these two puzzles are related to each other. one gives access to the other puzzle and the second one gives you the Herbicide.

So in this guide, you will learn how to solve the Greenhouse control room code puzzle and how to solve the Herbicide Synthesizer puzzle.

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Solution to Greenhouse Control Room Code

The control panel at the Greenhouse control room has a mobile phone number pad with various blue symbols.

How To Solve – the first set of necessary symbols can be on the ladder leading to the basement and the second set of numbers can be found on the trophy located in the basement.

You can go look at them personally or just enter the combination below.

*Important note – As mentioned above the input panel is similar to the mobile phone number pad. so just replace the symbol with numbers and enter them.

Lab Code Combination solution (Scenario A) – 3123 and 2067

Lab Code Combination Solution (Scenario B) – 2048 and 5831.

Dispersal Cartridge Puzzle/ Herbicide Puzzle

Once you get the cartridge from the control room. go to the Synthesizer located in the Drug testing lab that you just unlocked and here you need to solve another puzzle.

The synthesizer machine can be found on the left side of the room and can be recognized as it has three tubes with three different colors Green, Red, Blue.

Here you need place the Cartridge on the left hole. then you need to press the following button.

*Important note – the solution below will only work if you did not mess with the default position of the tubes. if you did just restart from a previous save.

Solution for A Scenario – Red, Green, Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Red, Green

Solution for B Scenario – Blue, Red, Green, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Green

Once you synthesized the Herbicide you will need to cool it down. so just head down to the basement by using the ladder present in the Greenhouse room.

Proceed through the basement and you will find a signal modulator. now examine it and put the frequency present on the switch box of the basement.

Then place the Signal modulator in the switch with aligned frequency and turn on the power. after this go to the Low Temp testing lab and cool the Herbicide.

Finally, return to the Greenhouse control room and disperse it in the Greenhouse. then you will be able to get the ID card of the scientists.

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