Vane – How To Get All Endings/ Sacrifice And Migration Trophy


Vane is a new adventure puzzle game which has been on released on PS4 and might come on other platforms later. it has been created by Publisher and Developer Friend & Foe a Tokyo based company and produced by Matt Smith.

In the game, you will control a child who can transform into a bird. you will need to explore the barren landscape and solve puzzles to progress and also decide the fate of the valley.

Vane – How To Get All Endings/ Sacrifice And Migration Trophy

Throughout the game, you will need to solve many different bizarre puzzles to progress. doing this will unlock new secrets, achievements, and endings.

The game comes with two different endings which players can achieve easily. but it can be a bit confusing on how to achieve them.

So in this guide, you will find how to get the Sacrifice Ending and Migration Ending.

 All Endings Guide

To get different endings simply go to Scene Select and play Act 4. once you enter Act 4 you will need to do the following.

Sacrifice Ending – At the end of Act 4, you will find a massive gold orb at the end of the path. here you need to wait in the line of the masked figures and you will be able to go underneath the gold orb. once there press triangle and sacrifice yourself.

Migration Ending – to get this ending you will need to go to the left of the giant gold orb and then fall off the ledge to fall. this will give you the second ending.

Doing both will give you two trophy Sacrifice Trophy and Migration Trophy for Achievements.

If you choose Sacrifice you will save the valley and stop the storm, but if you choose Migration you will turn into a bird and escape in hope of starting a new life somewhere else

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