Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes – 4 Methods To Heal Travis

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes

Travis Strikes Again No more Heroes has been released on Nintendo Switch. it is an action-adventure Hack and Slash Game created by Publisher and Developer Grasshopper Manufacture and the famous director Goichi “Suda51” Suda.

This will be the latest addition to the No More Heroes franchise but according to Suda it would not be a direct sequel to the previous title and is a fresh start for Travis the protagonist of the game.

4 Methods To Heal Travis In Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes

To progress through the game you will need to fight with different types of enemies, bosses, and other hostile elements which will deal heavy damage to you and the best way to survive all this chaos is to heal yourself.

So in this guide, you will learn about different ways you can utilize to heal Travis so that he can always be in fighting condition.

Below you will find four different methods you can use on how to heal your character easily and quickly.

4 Methods To Heal

#1 Ramen – Using Ramen on Travis restores his health to full. almost every level has ramen shop somewhere all you need to do is just explore. these shops are not hidden so they are pretty to easy to locate.

#2 Level Up – while progressing through the game or while fighting you can restore your health to full by just leveling up. you can do this by going to the menu and select the level up tab. now use your collected points to increase Travis’s level and the health will restore to 100%.

#3 Skill Chips – Throughout the game, you will be able to earn Skill Chips which can be utilized to unlock moves. once you get it you will be able to create a circle on the ground stepping inside it will heal Travis.

#4 Save – You can save the game to heal up and get full health. there are no manual saves in the game so if you want to save the game you will need to look for a Toilet. just look for it, seat on it and then select Save. this will return your health to full.

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