Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombie – List Of All Gauntlet Mode Challenges

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is now available for all major platforms like PS4, PC and Xbox One. it is a first-person game developed by Publisher Activision and Developer Treyarch.

The new game is the 15th edition of the game and the fifth entry in the Black Ops series. but this time instead of giving a traditional campaign the devs introduced Solo Missions mode which features stories of specialists. furthermore, there was also the addition of reworked zombies maps and a battle royale mode named Blackout.

List Of All Gauntlet Mode Challenges In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombie

The Gauntlet mode for the game has arrived and comes with plenty of challenges to grind through and rewards to unlock.

The new challenge mode comes with 30 rounds of challenges each have different rules which players need to follow and complete it to progress.

If you lose three rounds before completing the 30 different rounds challenge you will be eliminated and you will have to start again. so below you will find all the challenges present in the Gauntlet mode so you can prepare beforehand on how to complete it.

Bronze Challenges

Round #1 – Survive the round without taking any damage.

Round #2 – Only use equipment to kill zombies

Round #3 – Only use melee weapons.

Round #4 – Survive the round with one at least one active perk.

Round #5 – Only use Essex Model 07 Lever Action Rifle

Round #6 – Activate the Sentinel Artifact

Round #7 – Get the shield before the round end

Round #8 – complete the round with all buy disabled.

Round #9 – Get a weapon from the Mystery box

Round #10 – Defend the flooded Cargo Hold

Silver Challenges

Round #11 – Open all the doors present in the map.

Round #12 – Survive a wave of zombies

Round #13 – Get a re-packed weapon before the round end

Round #14 – complete the round without any perks

Round #15 – Defend the Poop Deck

Round #16 – Only use the Lever Action Rifle

Round #17 – only kill the zombies with headshots

Round #18 – Do not Get any Powerups

Round #19 – Damage to players causes point drain

Round #20 – Survive the stoker in the Engine Room

Gold Challenges

Round #21 – All players need to get a Level 3 Special Weapon.

Round #22 – Kill catalyst zombies by using reactive alternate ammo

Round #23 – Play with your starting weapon

Round #24 – Get health with Zombie Kills

Round #25 – Defend the forecastle with no special weapons

Round #26 – Complete the round before the time runs out

Round #27 – Only use Lever Action Rifle

Round #28 – complete the round with no HUD

Round #29 – complete the round with no Pack-a-Punch weapons

Round #30 – Defend the Grand Staircase from the wave of zombies

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