Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 – Location Of All Collectibles

Walking Dead The Final Season

Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 has been released on PC, PS4, Xbox One by Publisher and Developer Skybound Entertainment and it would be the first episode of the game after Telltale games shut down.

The new DLC is the penultimate episode named Broke Toys which follows the story of Clementine’s group. here you will interrogate Able to get the location of Delta Base and also venture into a new scouting mission to save your captured friends.

Location Of All Collectibles In Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3

Just like most episodes of Walking Dead in this episode too you will find many interactable objects which you can interact with to get new cutscenes, achievements, and collectibles.

In Episode 3 of the game, you will find six collectibles objects which are hidden from plain sight and can be a bit tricky to find.

So in this guide, you will find the location of all the six collectibles hidden in the game.

All Collectibles Location

Collectible #1 – Before you go down into the basement to interrogate Able. you need to look for the Pennant Flag hanging from the wall on the left.

Collectible #2 – In the basement where you interrogate able. look for a sketch pad on the grey shelves just near the boiler.

Collectible #3 – While spying on the raider group you will arrive on a grassy area in the woods. here once you gain control you will need to turn around and you will find the horseshoe near the fallen tree log.

Collectible #4 – in the same grassy area mentioned in collectible #3. you will need to look for a rabbit’s food which is in a bush just near Willy’s back.

Collectible #5 – When you arrive at the barn you will find James waiting near the door. but don’t talk to him instead first look to his left and near the hay, you will find a toy collectible.

Collectible #6 – it is also located in the barn so before talking to James just go to the right side and you will find a hanging windchime. you need to pick it up and later you will get the chance to play it.

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