AC Odyssey LOTFB Shadow Heritage – Location Of All Clues And Cultist

AC Odyssey

Assassin Creed Odyssey Legacy of the first blade Shadow Heritage will be the second DLC for the game which focuses on Kassandra investigating the Order of the Ancients.

It comes with standard missions, quests and a story where Kassandra enters the Port city in Achaia and finds that the blockade is being caused by Naval Commander the Tempest who is now in charge of the area.

Location Of All Clues And Cultists In AC Odyssey Legacy Of The First Blade: Shadow Heritage

In the new DLC, players will find many different quests, side quests, challenges and more to grind through.

Hunting down cultist is one of the many quests you can play and in this DLC you will need to hunt down cultist from Order of the Storm who are scattered throughout Achaia.

So in this guide, you will find the clue for all the cultist’s clue and location in AC Odyssey.

Nestor the Formidable

To find the clue for this in Olouros Fortress you will need to first go to Erymanthos Peak which is located in the southeastern side of Achaia. once you reach there just go to the fortress.

Now you can enter the fort in a stealthy way or you can just go John wick and kill everyone. the clue is on a desk in the room which also has the Nation chest with guards outside the room. you can patrol the area and the game will tell you when you get near it.

Location Of Nestor the Formidable Cultist

The clue will send you after Nester the Formidable. to get him you will need to sail into the sea and just follow the cultist icon and you will reach him. he keeps moving on a ship on the western and northern part of Achaia.

Sophos The Broker

To find this cultist clue in Shipwreck Cove. you will first need to go to Achaia. once there you will need to head to the northeastern part of Achaia, towards the Shipwreck cove which is located north from Scavenger’s Coast near the coast.

Once there you will need to look for a broken ship. you need to go near it and get on the small deck. you will find the Clue which will reveal the location of Sophos the Broker

Where to find Sophos the Broker of the Order of the Storm Cult.

You will find him at Achaia so just go to Mount Panachaikos region located in the northwest part of Achaia. from there just go north of the Mount Panachaikos towards Patrai Military.

Once you reach Patrai Military Shipyard. follow the cultist icon and you will find Sophos near the dock. just beware that he is not alone and has a decent number of civilians around him which might cause a ruckus.

Augos the All-Seeing

To find the clue for this cultist you will need to first kill Nestor the Formidable. you can find the clue and location for him listed above this post. killing Nestor will provide the clue for Augos.

Where to find the Augos the All-Seeing of Order of the Storm cult

To get her you will need to go to first go to Scavenger’s Coast which is located on the eastern side of Achaia. once there you will need to go on the western part of Scavenger’s coast and enter the Town of Pellene.

From here just follow the cultist icon and you will find her. for some reason, she was all alone.


This member of the Order of the storm can be defeated just by progressing through the game. you will encounter him during the Tactics and Espionage main story of the DLC.

The Tempest

To get this Cultist you just need to finish the main story of the DLC.

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