Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition – How To Unlock Secret Achievements

Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition can now be played on PC via Steam. it will be the remake of the original Vesperia game which was first released in the year 2008 on Xbox in Japan and later for Europe, NA and other parts of the world.

Just like the old version it too would be anime action role-playing game created by Developer QLOC, BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.and Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. the new iteration brings full HD graphics, brand new music, new costumes, and playable characters.

How To Unlock Secret Achievements In Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

Throughout the progression of the game, you will be able to customize the various aspect of the game like new skills, food recipes, weapons and more.

Just like most of the game’s achievements are also one of the several things you can unlock. but the new Tales of Vesperia also comes with secret Achievements which are a bit confusing to unlock

So in this guide, you will find how to unlock all the secret achievements for all the 25 secret missions inf Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition.

Unlock Secret Achievements

Secret Mission 1 Zagi – Defeat Zagi while protecting Estelle from Zagi’s Attack.

Secret Mission 2 Goliath – you need to use multi-hit attack or arte on his glowing heel from behind to take it down.

Secret Mission 3 Gattuso – here you need to first down the bosses shield and then attack the plants to Stun Gattuso.

Secret Mission 4 Zagi 2 – Wait at the edge of the boat to lure Zagi towards the edge then you need to use the Overlimit to knock him over.

Secret Mission 5 Dreaded Giant – When the Giant stands on its hind legs you need to rush in and slash the legs and take it down.

Secret Mission 6 Gigalarva – when Gigalarva has less than 24,000 HP make Raven use the Serpent to set a trap to prevent it from healing.

Secret Mission 7 Barbos – Destroy the bridge supports so that Barbos cannot keep calling more enemies.

Secret Mission 8 Cursed Wanderer – whenever the cursed wanderer uses the severed Fate A he has to pause and reload his gun. you need to hit him while he is reloading and take him down.

Secret Mission 9 Zagi 3 – Just don’t him and let Zagi absorb energy till his blastia explodes.

Secret Misson 10 Pteropus – You need to defeat the leader bat before it recombines itself.

Secret Mission 11 Outbreaker – Before defeating Outbreaker you need to first destroy the core.

Secret Mission 12 Belius – when Belius double appears, use Yuri’s Destruction field arte to relight the four candles.

Secret Mission 13 Nan And Tison – You need to attack and take down Tison and Nan when they launch their magic attack and their weapons and arms get stuck in the ground due to their nature of the magic attack.

Secret Mission 14 Schwann – Here you need to Guard against his Mystic arte. his Mystic attack makes him tired and when he is panting you will need to attack and take him down.

Secret Mission 15 Zagi 4 – Use Karol’s Nice Recovery Smash arte and force Zagi to recover from the Poison.

Secret Mission 16 Baitojoh – You need to wait for Baitojoh ice edge attack in which it uses its fin. when it is in process of launching the ice edge attack. start attacking the fin before the ice edge completes and it would get hurled out of the water.

Secret Mission 17 Estelle – for this you will need to get to the sub-event “What’s Important to Estelle” in Mantaic. it happens at night so just sleep at the inn when you arrive. then you need to return there before going to Myorzo to get the item. remember to not use the item until you are fighting with Yuri.

Secret Mission 18 Yeager – in the second half of the battle Yeager will reveal the Hermes balstia in his heart. you will need to guard break him and then make Raven use his Rain arte until the heart explodes in Tales Of Vesperia Definitive Edition.

Secret Mission 19 Alexei – You need to attack and take down Alexei when he gets tired after using the Mystic arte.

Secret Mission 20 Cursed Wanderer 2 – Get Maris Stella item in Zaude from the Giganto Monster area. then you will need to use this item when fighting the Cursed Wanderer.

Secret Mission 21 Gusios – Here you need to attack his tail and force it to retract. when it retracts Gusios will stand on his hind legs and pound his chest. during this opening, you will need to knock him down.

Secret Mission 22 Khroma Dragon – When Khroma use the earthquake attack and the rock starts to fall from ceiling rush towards her and slash her after she slams the ground.

Secret Mission 23 Flynn – You need to not attack and let Flynn use all his arte. when he uses his Mystic arte he would be forced to use the healing artes.

Secret Mission 24 Zagi 5 – When Zagi uses the Blastia Bane. guard against it and then take him down as he recovers.

Secret Missio 25 Duke – In second battle against Duke you will need to defeat Duke using mystic arte.

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