Fallout 76 – Location Of All The Survey Marker For Challenge

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is now available on major platforms like PS4, PC, and Xbox One. the new iteration of the game is a fully online action role-playing created by Developer Bethesda Game Studios and Published by Bethesda Softworks.

The story of the game is based twenty-five years after the great war which destroyed the earth surface due to nuclear weapons. now residents of Vault 76 have been tasked to repopulate the Wasteland.

Location Of All The Survey Marker For Challenge In Fallout 76

The game had a very rocky start and devs had to constantly fix a lot of glitches and mechanics which plagued the community for a while but despite that, some fans are still playing it.

If you are one of the players then you most likely are also trying to complete challenges. the latest challenge is to find at least three survey markers.

So in this guide, you will find the location of five Survey Markers which will help you complete the challenge.

Savage Divide – Spruce Knob

First, you need to reach the Spruce Knob and from there go east and look for a Wooden Fence. then you need to go near the fence and search for two viewing scopes and then look behind them for a stone on which you will find the survey markers.

Savage Divide – Top Of the World

Reach the top of the world and then go on the north side of it. then look for the two viewing scopes slightly on the left. once you find the scope you will find the marker on the big stone right behind the scopes.

The Forest – North Kanawha Lookout Tower

This lookout is located on the east/right side of Vault 76. from the North Kanawha Lookout tower go south and you will reach some spiky ground. just after this spiky area, you will find the survey marker.

Savage Divide – Atlas Observatory

Reach the Atlas observatory and from there follow the rail tracks towards the north of the Atlas until you reach a coal train depot. then move southwest of the depot for a cliff. you will find the survey marker on top of the cliff.

Savage Divide – South Mountain Lookout

Reach south mountain Lookout and from there go east and you will reach a cliff from there you can see the Bog. now look for the stone part of the cliff and you will find the survey marker.

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