Destiny 2 – How To Get Rare Black Armory Bounty For Izanagi’s Burden

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 can now be played on major platforms like PS4, Xbox, and PC. the online first-person multiplayer game has been in the market since 2017 and was created by Publisher Activision and Developer Bungie.

The latest expansion in the game is the annual pass which contains three DLC. the first is the ongoing event the Black Armory which has brought plenty of new weapons, new armors, new locations and severals quests for the Guardians.

How To Get Rare Black Armory Bounty For Izanagi’s Burden In Destiny 2

The Noibe Lab challenge proved to be way too confusing and difficult for the community and so the devs from Bungie finally stepped in and have opened the final forge, The Bergusia Forge for all the players.

Now players can ignite and temper the Bergusia Forge and unlock the Mysterious Box for which players have been grinding for weeks. doing this also opens the path for Izanagi’s Burden Sniper Rifle. but the problem with unlocking it is that it requires the Rare Black Bounty.

So in this guide, you will learn how to get the Rare Black Armory Bounty so that you can continue your unlocking process.

Rare Black Armory Bounty Details

If you have obtained the final Black Armory Key mold and have unlocked the Mysterious Box. then you are well on your way to obtain the Exotic Sniper Rifle Izanagi’s Burden.

But one of the requirements for unlocking the Izanagi Sniper Rifle is to get an Obsidian crystal and to do that you will need to complete a rare black armory bounty. if you have completed the Rare Black bounties then congrats you have successfully completed one of the most tedious tasks.

But if you are one of the several players who does not have the Rare black armory bounty then pray to the RNG Gods that they bless you as its going to be a frustrating grinding.

Method To Get The Rare Black Armory Bounty Quickly

As Ada-1 does not offer any Rare Black Armory bounty. you will have to get them from grinding various modes. below you will find a method which will increase your chance of getting the bounty.

First, complete the daily and Weekly black armor bounties which can be picked up from Ada-1. the only problem is that the drops are completely random. so you might need to grind plenty of them.

Once you have at least 6-10 Black Armory bounties claim them all one by one quickly. it will increase the chance of a rare bounty to drop. it has worked for many players but still, it is not a guaranteed working method.

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