Spuds Unearthed – Guide On Combat Mechanics

Spuds Unearthed

Spuds Unearthed has been finally released on PC via Steam. it is an early access action strategy VR game developed and published by Gamedust SP. Zoo. where players need to command the Spuds to conquer the galaxy.

You as a player play as an A.I Hands System equipment for the Baseship. your task as an A.I system is to specialize your crew to a different class, create turrets and more and finally send them to the battlefield to fight against your Opponents.

Guide On Combat Mechanics In Spuds Unearthed

Throughout the game, you will need to utilize various mechanics of the game to progress through different levels and conquer the galaxy.

One of the main mechanics of the game is the combat system which is not hard to master but can get confusing sometimes. so in this guide, you will learn about the combat mechanics which will make your life easier.

Below you will learn about different combats method you can utilize to fight and win against your opponents. just remember all action cost you playdust.

Basic Info

When you arrive in the battlefield you will find yourself in a battle station which is above the defense system and to win the battle you will need to destroy the opponent’s Defense system or the zombuds nest present on the other side of the battlefield.

Mechanics of fighting in Spuds Unearthed

There are three basic methods to fight against your opponents which are throwing Spuds, Using Turrets and Using Vehicles.

Throwing Spuds

With this method, you will be able to grab your Spud and then throw it into the battlefield. once it lands it will start fighting on its own.

Using Turrets

It is a stationary weapon which can be deployed to fire automatically against the enemies. these turrets can be left on any conquered planets and it will defend it.

In each fight, you can only deploy two turrets. to place the turrets you need to use the slots present on the dashboard before you.

To create the Turrets you need to place the tokens earned during the game. there are two types of Tokens Interaction Tokens and Mechanics Token.

You can mix different types of Tokens to create different combinations of turrets. to operate these turrets you will need to interact with it by the way its described by the interaction Token.

Using Vehicles

To use the vehicle on the battlefield you need to plug the Subsystem into one of the big slots present below. once you have placed it into the slot form a fist with your hand and hit the subsystem button. doing it correctly will give you the vehicle into your Defense System.

There are two types of vehicles in the game Tanks and Planes. it can be driven by two class a driver spud for the tank and a pilot spud for the plane. different classes can drive vehicle but their effectiveness on the battlefield decreases.

To deploy them, place a spud into the vehicle and throw them into the battlefield. the tanks and planes will automatically do their things.

Explosive Vehicles

If you throw a vehicle without a driver in it. then it will create a massive explosion when its lands.

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