Insurgency Sandstorm – How To Setup Your Own Server

Insurgency Sandstorm

Insurgency Sandstorm is now available on PC via Steam and will be soon released on PS4 and Xbox One in the year 2019. it is a multiplayer FPS game created by Developer New world interactive and Publisher Focus Home Interactive.

In the game, you will be able to customize your character, weapons and other traits. you will battle with other online players in a massive map and to win you will need to utilize tactical breach, peek at corners, use smoke and have a good strategy and aim to dominate the map.

How To Setup Your Own Server In Insurgency Sandstorm

As the game is a team based Tactical FPS you will need to have very good reflex and aim to win against opponents which can be done in quick play and other game modes.

But still, if you ever wanted to learn more about the maps, practice shooting, practice throwing nades. then you will certainly need to explore it more in a leisure full way.

So in this guide, you will learn how to create your own personal server and also how to invite players into them.

Required Files

To create your very own server in the game. you will need to first setup steamcmd and then install insurgency server.

How To Get Steamcmd

to setup steamcmd first, you will need to download steamcmd for your windows. you can download the zip file in the link below. just click the link and it will download a 700Kb zip.

After downloading the file go to the C Drive of your PC and create a new folder named Steamcmd folder. then extract all the file from the downloaded zip file into the folder created in C Drive.

Installing Insurgency Sandstorm Server

Now open the command prompt from the window. the shortcut for opening command prompt is Windows Key + R.

  • In the new prompt type cd C:/steamcmd

Then type steamcmd (this will install the steamcmd file present in the C drive. if installed successfully you will see a steam prompt which says “steam>”

if you do not see the prompt after installing then just run steamcmd again.

With the steam prompt now available to you type the following. just note that below there are two commands which you have to run separately.

  • login anonymous
  • app_update 581330

Doing the above will install the server. the speed of installation depends on your internet speed.

Running The Server For Insurgency Sandstorm

With steamcmd prompt still open start the game and then press the play button. here you will find the versus option. below the versus box click the browse server option.

Now with the server screen open. press Alt + Tab and then go the command prompt. paste the command listed below.

  • InsurgencyServer.exe Oilfield?Scenario=Scenario_Refinery_Push_Security?MaxPlayers=28 -Port=27102 -QueryPort=27131 -log -hostname=”My Server”

This will open a new window screen with several commands running on it. now you need to back to the game.

In the server screen of the game on the bottom left you will see a box named “Server IP”

Select this box and type the following server number


Now just press the right arrow next to the box and password prompt will appear. from here you can just leave it and press ok and you will arrive in your own private server.

How to invite other players to your server

To invite other players you need to open the port 27102 of your router and to open it you will need to learn about Port forwarding specific to your router brand. you can learn how to do it in the link listed below.

Once you have completed the forward port just share your IP with your friends and they will be able to join it.

Server Specific Commands

There are plenty of server commands. you can learn more about them is the link list below.

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