Brawlhalla – Tips And Tricks On How To Play Caspian


Brawlhalla has been released on PC via Steam and is available for all PC players for Free. it is a multiplayer 2D fighting game created by Developer Blue Mammoth Games and Publisher Ubisoft.

In the game players will be able to use various different characters in various game modes like Brawlball, Bombsketball and more. you will also find a competitive mode featuring 1v1, 2v2, 4 player mode, 4v4 and more.

Tips And Tricks On How To Play Caspian In Brawlhalla

Basic Info

Caspian is a Gauntlets and Katars user who has a basic stat of 7 attacks, 5 dexterity, 4 defense, and 6 speed. these stats make him a very good aggressive character with high speed and if utilized properly it can deal massive damages with good combos.

He has an above average kit and has very good close combat skills. if you like to overwhelm opponents with speed and damage. then he is probably one the best characters in the game.

The only major weaknesses are his weapons the Gauntlet and the Katar. both the weapons are excellent for combos but they do not have good synergy with each other.

Furthermore, Caspian always has trouble getting close to enemies and so using him against range weapons and zoning players gets very difficult.

How To Use Gauntlets In Brawlhalla

Neutral Sig – this is not the most effective but still can work if you are in a favorable situation. you can use the bomb to spike up enemies. it is lobbed at a sharp angle and then fall before exploding just like a normal grenade.

The distance and the timing of throw creates a good space for you and if timed properly you can get a good ledge attack opening.

Side Sig – this is a good command grab and has a decent kill potential. you can set it up from a decent range and with Caspian good speed you can easily grab the enemy.

If you are successful in grappling onto the enemy. caspian will place a bomb on their back which explodes and launches the affected player on the opposite side with great speed and power.

If you master it properly then you can set up kills easily.

Down Sig – with this move Capsian will throw multiple bombs which can deal good damage if the enemy gets hit by it.

this is not very good as most of the times your opponent will be able to avoid them. but still a good follow up move when the enemy is not very good.

How To Use Katars In Brawlhalla

Neutral Sig – in this move he will launch three daggers vertically in an arch pattern with small gaps which prevents the enemy from slipping through it.

The best part about this move is that it is very fast, has a long range, covers a wide angle with low endlag which makes it pretty good for a kill.

As it covers a good wide angle the enemy get trapped and either they have to go very high or stay low. as it a very quick move with low lag you can follow it up with another move.

Side Sig – in this move he throws dagger sideways at a downwards angle. as it is a high range it becomes a very decent space creation move and a good kill move. you can try to do it in neutral.

Down Sig – this is charged move and it launches Capsian into the air. the longer it is charged the higher will be the push. then while in the air he throws two daggers in a downward direction which when hit can spike the enemy.

This move has good range but is slow and also makes him vulnerable. but it can still be utilized in favorable conditions for example if an enemy is going to air dodge backward you can perform it and just kill the opponent at the ledge. the only problem is that opportunities like this are very rare.

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