The Forest – How To Activate And Use All The Console Commands

The Forest

The Forest has been released on PC via Steam since April 2018 but the Developer and Publisher Endnight Games Ltd have been constantly new updates and features to make it more interesting.

The latest update to the game has added new buildables, new caves on the map, new weapons, new creatures and plenty of more contents for the survivors on the island.

How To Activate And Use All The Console Commands In The Forest

Throughout the game, you will have to survive through the deadly forest by gathering new resources, crafting new items, and defending yourself from various enemies lurking around.

Doing this can be a bit difficult so in this guide you will find a list of console command which will make things pretty easy.

Below you will find a guide which explains how to turn on the console mode and also give you a list of console commands and what they do.

Activating command/Developer mode

To do this go to the main menu and type developermodeon then press F1. this will activate the command mode and you will see a box at the top of the screen which displays the forest.

Once you have done that you need to make a new game and go into the world. now once in the gameplay mode just press F1 and you will get a box where you can type the command. below you will find a list of all the commands you can use.

List Of The Commands

buildermode on/off – this command will turn off survival and enemies. it will also enable godmode and buildhack.

buildhack on/off – this command will give you unlimited resources and quick building facility.

cavelight on/off – this command will turn light on inside the cave.

faststart on/off – this command will skip the plane intro.

godmode on/off – this command will give unlimited stamina, no thirst, no hunger. basically, you won’t die.

addallitems – this command will give you every item from the game except story items.

addallstoryitems – this command will give you all story items.

buildallghosts – this command will build all blueprint.

cancelallghosts – this command will remove every blueprint.

itemhack on/off – this command will give you unlimited items.

save – this command will save the game where you are standing.

survival on/off – this command will activate a mode in which you do not need to eat and drink.

invisible on/off – this command will activate invisible mode allowing you to walk and run with high speed.

speedyrun on/off – with this command you will be able to run fast without dying.

enemies on/off – this will turn on and off all enemies.

killallenemies – this command will kill all enemies around you.

additem 77 – this will give you live rabbit.

terrainrender on/off – this command will remove all terrain but you will still be able to walk around.

lightingtimeofdayoverride noon – this command will create noon when it is on.

cutdowntrees (Number) – this command will cut the number of trees listed by you. for example cutdowntrees 5 will cut 5 trees.

cutdowntrees (percentage) – this command will cutdowntrees given percentage of trees. for example cutdowntress 50%.

cutgrass (number) – this command will cut down grass in a given radius. for example, if you select cutgrass 5. then it will remove grass in a 5 radius.

forcerain heavy – this command will create heavy rain

forcerain sunny – this command will create sunny day.

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