Ring Of Elysium – How And Where To Create Avalanche

Ring Of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is now available for all players on PC via Steam. it is a free to play battle royale shooter game where players need to eliminate other survivors.

The map is based on a snowy mountain about to get struck by a disastrous snowstorm. a rescue flight is on the way but it can only save four people. so players objective are to fight others, gather resources, avoid the storm and get into the helicopter.

How And Where To Create Avalanche In Ring Of Elysium

The devs of the game have been constantly adding new mechanics and improving the game modes to make the gameplay even more interesting and fun.

The Avalanche is the new mechanics added to the game. the only problem is that creating it can be difficult and confusing as the devs have not made any proper instruction for it.

So in this guide, you will learn how and where to cause Avalanche easily.

How To Create an Avalanche

You might have read in many forums and websites that you can only cause an avalanche by using grenades but it is only half true. as you can cause an avalanche by both grenade and any other guns.

So if few gunshots can do the trick why waste the grenades.

Now that you know that you can cause avalanche using any guns and grenades. go to any hilly area with steep slopes.

Here you need to shoot or throw the grenade at the top of the slope to cause an avalanche. it is recommended that you use any gun as you might need to shoot different areas of a slope and if you use a grenade for it then it will be totally inefficient.

So use any weapon, turn on the single fire mode and then fire around the top of the slope. if you do it right you hear a big rumble and then you will be able to see a snowslide which starts gaining speed and will eventually turn into a massive avalanche and destroy anyone in its path.

Locations where you can cause Avalanche In Ring Of Elysium

The new mechanics are pretty good the only disappointment is that there are only a handful of areas where you can use these mechanics and all of them are in the dark out part of the map.

Location #1 – northeastern part of the Ski resort. there is a sloppy area and if you use the method described above then with only 5 bullets you can cause an avalanche.

Location #2 – eastern side of the Skadi city near the high mountain. this mountain is of average height and here you can create the avalanche easily.

More location will be updated soon.

How To Find More Avalanche location?

This is just a hunch but you should probably try creating avalanche near the areas where the houses and buildings have no doors, no windows, no loot, nothing. these areas look like abandoned regions.

Once you find them just look for a sloppy area near these buildings and then start using the avalanche creating method.

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