Frostrunner – Location Of All Collectibles And Achievements


Frostrunner has been released on PC via steam and the best part is that it is a free to play game. it has been created by Developer Think Arcade and Publisher GMU Guildhall and is an indie action parkour game.

In the game, players need to speed run through many different levels in first person mode. the main objective of the game is to complete it as fast as you can. you will find 36 unique levels each with different layout and obstacles for you to clear.

Location Of All Collectibles And Achievements In Frostrunner

As mentioned above throughout the gameplay progression you will find many different levels which come with achievement and collectibles.

So in this guide, you will find the location of all the secret collectibles present at different levels.

Below you will the find the location of the 30 hidden collectibles of frostrunner. there are more but those are unmissable so this guide won’t list them.

Location Of All Collectibles In Frostrunner

Map – Quick beginnings

  • Location – Behind the third pillar

Map – Leard To Jump

  • Location – behind the third pillar.

Map – Snowfall

  • Location – underneath the starting area

Map – finding treasures

  • Location – just in front of your character when you spawn.

Map – Final test

  • Location – behind the pillar present in front of you.

Map – Through the loop

  • Location – behind the fourth pillar.

Map – Stair stepper

  • Location – on a platform present underneath you.

Map – Keep Up

  • Location – behind a pillar present on the left of the finish line.

Map – Go around

  • Location – on the second moving platform you will find two pillars on the left, between this pillar you will find the collectible.

Map – Lane changing

  • Location – on the shortcut present on the left side of the spike wall.

Map – Slip ‘n Slide

  • Location – behind the second pillar.

Map – Slide to the left

  • Location – on the platform present slightly to the left.

Map – Half Pipe

  • Location – on the left side of the second ice.

Map – Keep Sliding

  • Location – in the middle of the map you will find a small ice platform. the collectible is on it.

Map – Snowcross

  • Location – hidden under a block on the turn of the river. you can reach it by jumping before the first obstacle.

Map – Getting Pulled in

  • Location – behind the fourth pillar.

Map – Short and Sweet

  • Location – on a platform behind the big tower. it will lead to a path to the left side.

Map – Now you’re hooked

  • Location – after the first hook point jump and you will reach a platform beneath the towers.

Map – Quick Turns

  • Location – after the third hook point, go left and use the hook point to reach the collectible.

Map – Cadence

  • Location – in the center of the ring with red crystals.

Map – Getting pulled in

  • Location – on the right side, on a small platform just before the finish line.

Map – Big Leaps

  • Location – behind the second platform.

Map – Air Time

  • Location – on the first platform on the top. you will be able to walk between the wall and then go down on a small platform with the collectible.

Map – Watch the landing

  • Location – below the second hook point.

Map – Left and Right

  • Location – it is present on a hidden part of the map. to reach it you will need to fall down where you need to choose right and left.

Map – Chain it Together

  • Location – below the third hook point.

Map – Down the Middle

  • Location – below the second hook point.

Map – Falling Softly

  • Location – below the sixth hook point.

Map – Up and Over

  • Location – on the left side of the third hook point present in the red crystal circle.

Map – Finish Line

  • Location – over the first hook point. to reach it you will need to use the second hook point located behind the first one.

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