Beasts Of Bermuda – Beginners Guide For Basic Gameplay

Beasts of Bermuda

Beasts Of Bermuda devs have released their early access on PC via Steam. it has been released by Developer and Publisher Sastrei Studios, LLC and it is an online multiplayer simulation game where players will play as a Dinosaur.

In the game, you as a player can take the role of any herbivores, carnivores, aquatic, flying and types of dinosaurs. you will need to survive and grow on the islands of Bermuda by unlocking new talents and using your creatures abilities to its fullest.

Beginners Guide For Basic Gameplay In Beasts Of Bermuda

While progressing you will find several features and options which can easily lead to confusing and can result in the death of your Dino.

So in this guide, you will learn about various mechanics and features which will help you survive through the wild islands.

Below you will find a detailed explanation of several topics of Beasts of Bermuda like talents, Status Effects, Groups, Nesting, Breeding and more.

Game Modes

There are three games mode in the game

Life cycle – This is the main mode of the game where you begin the game as a baby, then you receive points and grow. gradually the speed of growth slows down as you progress through the game.

Free Roam – In this mode, you will spawn as an adult into the game and you will also receive some set amount of points. furthermore, you will also not grow in the map of Beasts of Bermuda.

Combat – In this mode, you will get some set amount of points based on your character selection. then you will head into a small map where you will face other enemies. you will receive points for killing other players.

Character Creation

In the character creation section, you will be able to select the beast you want to be. you will be able to see many different attributes like Health, Stamina, Water, food, comfort level and more.

You will also be able to change your skin color and the types with different layers, marking, and more. just note that you can only do this if you spawn directly into the game. if you are bred and hatched by parents you will get random skin based on your parents.

Comfort – Effects On Health

This is one of the important aspects of the game and determines how fast you grow, regain your ability power, restore your stamina, heal yourself and more.

The comfort level of your character will largely depend on the type of surrounding you are in. for example, if you are among enemies then your comfort will lower but if you are among allies then it will raise your comfort.

The size of dinosaurs and the food you eat will also affect the comfort of your character. so make sure that you stay among the beasts which are of the same or lower size than you and eat proper food by searching and hunting for them in map of Beasts of Bermuda.

The comfort zone of a dinosaur is represented as a Dino skeleton symbol on the right bottom corner of the screen. below you will find the color and their correlation with the comfort.

  • Blue: 75 – 100
  • Green: 50 – 75
  • Yellow: 40 – 50
  • Orange: 30 – 40
  • Red: 0 – 30

Once you reach the orange comfort level you will start losing health and it will also drastically reduce other key survival features.


While sprinting and jumping your stamina will be slowly depleted and if it is fully depleted you won’t be able to run until you recover it.

To increase the rate of recharging of stamina you should stay in one place or just sleep to recover quickly.

There are also talents which you can pick which will reduce the usage of stamina and also increase the amount of stamina.

Ability Power

Ability power of your character determines how you attack, use special abilities, and scent in Beasts of Bermuda. this mechanic has a recharge/cooldown system in which your abilities can be used by spending some amount of ability. once it is depleted you will need time to recharge again so that you can use it.

There are talents which you can unlock which will increase the amount of ability powers and also reduce the amount normally spent while using it for attack and other abilities.


This is another mechanic in the game which makes it easier for you to search for important objectives. all you need to do is press the scent button and different colored clouds will appear.

  • Red cloud – Meat
  • Orange cloud – decaying Meat
  • Yellow cloud – Rotten Meat
  • Blue Scent – Water

The color of different beasts also determines what talent they have invested in. the red is for combat, survival is for blue and green is for mobility.

Just note that to use the scent ability you will need to spend ability power. so be careful while using it as if you deplete your ability power then you will not be able to attack and defend yourself.

There are talents which will make your scent cloud smaller and make them disappear faster. furthermore, you also find talents which make the cloud long last longer and more visible which improves your tracking ability.

Food, Water, Air In Beasts of Bermuda

There are two types of creatures one is the land beasts and the other is aquatic beasts. the land beasts need food and water to survive and the aquatic beasts need food and air to survive.

It is always recommended that you have a full food and water meter for land beasts and full food and air for water beasts as it increases the speed of growth, and also maintain the comfort level.

Just note that there is a fatness mechanic if your character over eats then it will develop fats and give you the Well-fed buff. this buff gives more health and faster healing but your speed is reduced, your comfort is lowered and the stamina regain also slows down.


As you have already read above that the beasts can be improved by using different talents. so in this section, you will learn more about them and their function in Beasts of Bermuda.

There are three types of talents in the game namely combat, Survival, and mobility. each of this talent type comes with 10 unlockable talents.

The talent page is in shape of a tree so if you want to want to unlock a talent at the far end then you need to unlock all the talent branching to it.

  • Combat – this tree mostly contains talent involving fighting, defense, health, healing and other attack improvements like an increase in damage, increase in ability power, knockback and more.
  • Survival – this tree mostly contains talent involving survival. it affects your character’s weather resistance, comfort resistance, increase in scent and longer survival on low food and water.
  • Mobility – this tree mostly contains talent involving movements. it can increase your characters speed, jumping distance, stamina, turn rate, and other movement-related skills.
Inherited Talents

These talents are the acquired when you enter the game from hatching, by breeding or spawning fresh into the game. there is a chance that a talent will appear at a specific growth stage but if you did not receive it at the initial growth then you might not inherit the talent.

Hatching/Breeding – if you come into the game through this method then will receive a random talent based on the talents of your parents. so you might receive 1 or 2 positive talent and also have a higher chance of unlocking other talents including wildcard talents while growing.

Spawning Directly – if you enter into the game through this method then you will get a random 2 to 4 positive talents and 1 to 2 negative talents. but your chances of inheriting a talent will be low.

Packs And Herds (make a group with other online players)

If you try to be a lone beast in the big world then you might run into trouble more often. so it is best to form groups with other online players.

One player can create a group and become the Alpha. then you can invite players via the player list by sending them an invite. if they accept you will see their icon on the map and their location.

The friendship with other players starts at E grade and can go up to A grade. different rank unlocks different features like reduced damaged with friendly fire, mating and more.

The benefits of forming a herd in Beasts of Bermuda are that you will be able to increase the comfort and increase your safety from other hostile beasts.

There are different ways to set group roles, for example, there is a duel option where two equal beasts can fight for the Alpha role and more.

Breeding, Nesting And Managing Egg

To be able to breed you will need to have male and female of same species and also have a friendship level C which will unlock the mating option.

After mating the Male dinosaur needs to build a male for the female while the female carries the egg. just note that only the male can build the nest and he needs to build a separate nest for each female.

Maintenance of the Egg

While gestating eggs/carrying the egg in the womb. you need to have above average comfort level as a low level can damage your eggs.

The egg can also get damaged if while carrying the egg the female gets hit and it gives a high pain grunt

If an egg is damaged it gets additional random negative inherited trait and talents.

Inviting player with to Nest

After the nest is built you will need to invite a player with egg into. the player list will show an egg sign beside players who have one or more eggs. all you need to do is invite them to become their hatchling.

Players with eggs can invite any player to become their egg through the player list. if you accept the invitation to become the egg. then you will be able to monitor how close you are to hatching. the hatching sign is present in the lower right corner of the screen.

As you grow in the egg the yolk it keeps getting smaller and your view from the yolk will keep getting bigger and clearer.

Once you are fully grown and ready to hatch just press the ability key.

Status Effect In Beasts of Bermuda

There are many different buff and debuff present in the game and they affect your character in different ways. below you will know more about each of them and their function in Beasts of Bermuda.

Positive Effects

Enhanced Growth – in bad weather your growth rate is increased and also the discomfort from other creatures is reduced.

Healthy Herbs – eating specific plants present of the map can give you this buff. it will help you grow faster, increase comfort, heal faster and also regain stamina and Ability power.

Near friends – gained when you are near your allies. it will improve the comfort level.

Negative Effects

Beached – this only occurs in aquatic beasts when they are in too shallow water or are on dry land. to remove it go back to the water.

Bleeding – caused when you have been bitten by other beasts. it will stop the regeneration of health and comfort. to remove it you will need to rest to completely heal the bleeding.

Food Poisoning – this debuff is caused when you eat rotten food or some specific plants. it will reduce your comfort. to remove it by eating some comfort flowers and it will get cured.

High Pressure – if you swim very deep into the ocean then the water pressure will start affecting you. the deeper you go the more will be the high pressure. to remove it return to the surface.

Injury – this occurs when you have received heavy attack damage or fall damage. this reduces your character speed. to remove it you will need to rest and let it heal over time.

Intimidation – if a beast has an intimidation talent and it comes near your comfort level will start dropping it. to remove it you will need to get out of the range of the intimidation.

Thalassophobic – if you are a land animal and swim deep in the sea then you will start getting this debuff. to remove it just go out of the water.

Environment – Storms, Tides, And Other Hazards

Tides – the rise and fall of tides can effect lands which can trap both land beasts and aquatic beasts and can lead them to death.

Storms – the intensity of a storm can differ from time to time. it can either cause a small rainfall or a heavy one and flood all the low-level lands. the storms can also bring tornadoes, lighting and decrease your comfort.

Protection from Environmental Hazard – the game has a stat called the Shelter which indicates the protection you currently have. the caves are the best protection from all major storms so whenever there is a storm run deep into the caves in Beasts of Bermuda.

There are talents which you can reduce the stress you get in a stormy situation and also make you immune to some hazards like lighting and tornadoes.

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