Miscreated – Guide On How To Grow Crops/Plants (Step-by-Step)


Miscreated has been finally released on PC via steam by Developer and Publisher Entrada Interactive LLC. it is an open world multiplayer game where players will need to survival in a gruesome post-apocalyptic world.

In the game, you will find a diverse world featuring cities, forest, caves and more. you will need to get your survival supplies, weapons and defend yourself from zombies, hostile humans and from the wrath of mother nature.

Guide On How To Grow Crops/Plants (Step-by-Step) In Miscreated

Throughout the game, you will need to gather resources by either searching for it, hunting, growing food or by stealing them.

Growing your own crop is one of the most important features of the game as it gives you a permanent source for food and you do not have to leave the safety of your base and go into the wild.

So in this guide, you will learn about the basics of how to grow your own crops easily and quickly in Miscreated.

Craft Planter Box

This box will be where you grow your crop and to craft it you will need to go to the Crafting Tab and then select Structures > Wood > Farming. you will need 4 Lumber and 1 Nail.

Once it has been built you can just place it anywhere inside your base. but make sure that you place the planter box is in a place where it receives sunlight so that it can grow.

Get Dirt for the Planter Box – Craft Large Box

Once you have created the Planter box you will need some dirt so that you can plant the tree in it and to do that you will need to craft a large bag.

To craft it go to the crafting tab and then select Cloth > Bags. you will need 2 Rags to craft it.

After you have crafted the bag just go to any grassy area and then right click on the Large bag from your inventory. this will give you an option to fill with dirt. so select it and when it is filled go back to the Planter box and add it to it.

Adding Water

Now you need to add water to the planter. so just pick any types of equipment like the plastic military, Jerry cans and others. all you need to do is just fill the container with water from the river and then pour it on the planter box. you may need to do it multiple times as it depends on the size of your water container.

Fertilizing Your Crop Plot

To fertilize your planter you can use any rotten vegetables or stale food. three to five rotten or stale food items will be enough to fertilize a box.

Adding Seeds to The Planter Box

Take any seed you want from your inventory and then plant it in the box. that’s all you need to do to plant your seed. now all you need to do is wait for the plant to fully grow.

Harvesting – A plant will fully grow within an hour. once it has full grown just go near it and you will get the option to harvest it. depending on the type of plant you will get different amount of vegetables/fruits.

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