Last Year: The Nightmare – Tips And Trick For Survivors And Killers

Last Year: The Nightmare

Last Year: The Nightmare has been finally released by Developer and Publisher Elastic Games. it is a multiplayer survival horror game where players need to survive and escape from different killers.

In the game, there will be five survivors against one killer who will be able to switch between different killer character. the survivors need to complete a variety of objectives to open the escape route and the killer need to stop them from escaping.

Tips And Trick For Survivors And Killers In Last Year: The Nightmare

Throughout the game, you will either be survivors trying to escape or killer trying to kill the survivors. but there are various mechanics related to both survivors and killers which you should know about which will make your gameplay easier.

So in this guide, you will learn how to use the communication feature of the game and some tips and trick for the survivors and killers.

Below you will find a detailed explanation for all of them and then you can use them in Last Year: The Nightmare.


As a multiplayer survival game, you will have to communicate with other players to survive the nightmarish school. but the problem is that the game currently only supports discord communication which makes it confusing and difficult to communicate with each other. so below you will find how to talk to each other in the game.

Push To Talk – to use this feature just jump into the game and press shift and ~ key. this will bring the discord overlay on your screen. now on the top right corner of the screen, you will find a small cog icon just above your discord name. click on it and it will bring the voice settings. here you will be able to enable the Push to Talk option.

Guide For Survival

Move As a Group – The easiest strategy you can use to win against a killer is by always Staying in a Group. this particular game allows players to kill the killers but you can only do it with proper teamwork. so whatever be the objective always stay close.

Assaulter class should stay at the front – this is no brainer your assault members should get their wielding pipes quickly. this way you would be able to deal damage to the killers.

Ranged Attacks should support the melee assaulter – once your assaulter goes against the killer help him by flashing the killer, electrifying, and setting up turrets.

Medic – you should never be at front lines and always look for ways and opening to heal team members. the best time to heal members is when you just killed a killer or the killer is completely stunned.

Beware of These locations – the killer can instakill you if he successfully lands a surprise attack.

  • Strangler – whenever you are against him always stay away from vents as he can pull you in and instakill you.
  • Slasher – whenever you are against him always make sure to avoid skylights and high spots present in the ceiling. he can use this location to instakill.
  • Giant – whenever you are against him do not stick to the wall. as he can just smash through it like hulk and it will be instant death for you.
Guide For Killer

Use Traps properly – the traps are not the best tools to catch the survivors. but if they are placed properly then it can slow them down significantly which will help you kill them easily in Last Year: The Nightmare.

Below you will find some locations where you can place the traps to maximize their effects.

  • Place it in front of the entrance of the objective areas. here you should always place two traps in a row.
  • At the top of the stairs. this place is particularly good as the survivors won’t be able to see it while climbing the stairs.
  • Outside the closet where the survivors respawn.
  • At the end of the hallway. here you can just place multiple traps at one end and the spawn at the other ends to trap the survivors.

Strangler – this is the fastest and most sneaky killer. it is very good for killing survivors who roam around alone. you can also position yourself in unreachable place and then hook and strangle them.

Slasher – this is a complete brawler it has average speed and stamina and can just bring down survivors with few axe hits. the best way to use it is by setting up traps to slow the survivors and then spawning as close as you can to not give the survivors any chance to escape. once you do this just whack them up and kill them.

Giant – this is the slowest killer but he is very tough to kill. the best strategy is to use him in the close quarter/small areas with a single entrance. this way you won’t have to chase them with your slow speed.

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