Destiny 2 – How To Unlock Izanami Forge And Black Armory Activity

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has released their new DLC titled Black Armory. it has been created by Publisher Activision and Developer Bungie and brings new contents for the Guardians to grind through.

The new DLC contains new activities, new raids, new weapons, new armors and more which can be unlocked by progressing through the game. you will also find new locations like The Last City and The Black Armory.

How To Unlock Izanami Forge And Black Armory Activity In Destiny 2

In the new update, you will now be able to activate the Izanami forge which is the third forge in the game. it will be the new expansion for black armory and brings a lot of new quests and items.

Just like the previous two forges, in this forge too, you will need to play through multiple lengthy and confusing missions, strike and other item retrieval quests.

So below you will find a guide, on how to easily and quickly complete the missions required to unlock Izanami forge and the black armory activity in Destiny 2.

Where to begin the Inzanami Forge Quest

To start this particular quest you will need to go to Nessus and then look for Vex. once you find them start killing them until they drop an item called the Vex Transponder. the drop is random so there is a chance that you can either get it in a few minutes for it may take more than half an hour.

Charge The Transponder

Once you get the transponder you will need to the start the quest to kill 100 Vex. so just visit the lost sectors as they have heavy numbers of Vex. this way you will finish the quest easily.

Begin the Spire Integration heroic event

After that, you will have to finish the Spire Integration heroic public event in the hallows. to start the heroic event you will need to capture the plates which appear near the spire. just make sure to stop the Vex from rushing it.

Kill Vex Minotaurs

After the spire quest you will need to do the quest to find the Vex Minotaurs. this is also pretty random so you need to search for the minotaurs in every place of Nessus.

You can look for them in Artifact’s Edge landing point and at the bottom of the pit in the hallows. there are more locations but you will need to look for them by moving from sectors to sectors.

Complete Forge Mission

After killing the Minotaurs you will need to head to the Izanami forge and start a quest. it is best that you do this mission with other Guardians as it can be a bit difficult.

Complete Heroic The Three Heroic Public Events

To start the heroic glimmer extraction you will first need to complete the three heroic public events namely the glimmer extraction, witches’ ritual, and spire integration. you can learn more about where and how to complete them below.

Glimmer Extraction – you can do this heroic event in EDZ or at tangle, Nessus. to start the event you will need to destroy a small machine which is located near each drill.

Witches’ Ritual – you can do this heroic event on the eastern platform, at Titan. you will have to stand on the green plates on both the sides of the portal. after that, you will need to shoot the crystals present on its side. you just need to wait for its immunity to go down.

Spire Integration – refer to the spire section above.

Collect Materials for Igniter – Where to find Taken Blights

Go to EDZ and start killing and getting Precision kills. once you get enough of these kills you will get the next step which requires you to destroy Taken Blights on Io.

The best method to do this easily and quickly is by going to the lost sector located next to the planetary Vendor present in the rupture.

All you need to do is run straight inside destroy the Taken Blights and then just teleport outside and repeat this until you complete it.

Volundr Forge

Here you will need to complete the Volundr Forge ignition to repower the igniter which by now should be pretty easy to complete.

Terminus Strike

After repowering the Izanami igniter go to Ada – 1 and she will ask you to complete a high difficulty Insight Terminus Strike. once you complete it the boss will drop an item which you will use to repair the igniter. so just take the item to Ada-1 and you will complete the quest.

Now you have unlocked the Izanami forge.

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