Destiny 2 – How To Open Butterfly Lock For Mysterious Box Quest

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has released the Izanami forge which is the third forge of the Black Armory DLC. this contains tons of new contents like strikes, raids, weapons, and armor which will keep the Guardians busy for a while.

In the new DLC takes place following the events of Forsaken. the Kell’s Scourge a terrorist organization has stolen new techs from Black Armory and now it’s up to you as a Guardian to stop them from misusing it.

How To Open Butterfly Lock For Mysterious Box Quest In Destiny 2

While progressing through the new DLC you will find many new craftable and unlockable items by completing missions, raids, strikes, and other events.

The Butterfly Lock is one of the unlockable items in the game and is one of the four locks of the Mysterious box. it is a part of the Black Armory exotic quest in which you need to unlock four locks.

With the release of Izanami forge you will be able to get the Butterfly Key which can be used to open the Butterfly lock. so below you will find a guide, on how to obtain the key in Destiny 2.

Start The Izanami Forge Activity

To get this particular key you will need to get access to the Izanami Forge and just like other two forges. for this forge too, you will need to play through many tedious missions and complete many different tasks to unlock it.

If you are having troubling Unlocking Izanami forge then you can just follow the guide, listed below which contains an explanation on what and how you need to complete every mission.

Once you have unlocked the new Forge you will be able to start the process to get the Butterfly lock key.

First, you need to start the Izanami forge activity. once it is started you will need to clear the first few waves of enemies. in between these waves, you will find two shield drones with blue glow on them. they will appear in specific parts of the arena.

Once you find these drones start shooting them down and you will receive a buff called Maximum Temper.

Continue progressing the activity and once you have cleared the waves and defeated the boss. go to the middle of the arena and then look for a Black Armory crate.

After you find it just open it and you will get a Black Armory Key. use this key from your inventory and it will open the Butterfly lock.

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