Earth Defense Force 5 – How To Farm Inferno Weapons Easily

Earth Defense Force 5

Earth Defense Force 5 has been finally released by Developer Sandlot and Publisher D3. it will be the fifth main installment in the series and will be the eighth overall game.

In the game, you will find some similar gameplay style in the previous 4.1 titles. the campaign will come with 110 missions which are the highest number of missions ever in an EDF game. furthermore, you will find four class with extra slots and equipment to make them more powerful.

How To Farm Inferno Farms Easily In Earth Defense Force 5

To get the Inferno weapons you will need to play the Inferno mode which is the hardest difficulty mode in the game.

To play this mode you will need to unlock it by completing the story mode. once it is unlocked you can just jump into any mission/level and start doing them.

But there is a slight problem, the inferno mode is the hardest mode and so it might lead to you dying again and again and you might never complete the levels.

Fortunately, there is a way you can complete some of the inferno missions even if you are not hardcore or an expert player. all you need to do is select the right mission and know how to play through it. below you will learn more about them.

Missions And method to complete Some Inferno levels

Mission 62

Here you will need to just stay in the parking garage and then start killing the enemies. just make sure you do not use explosives and do not leave the garage.

Mission 87

Here you will need to go straight up to the waterfall and then position yourself between the rocks present on the right. from here you will be able to kill the enemies easily without getting killed. just do not use explosive weapons and do not leave your position.

Mission 101

This will probably be the easiest mission to play in the inferno mode. here you will need to fight with large numbers of enemies who are very weak. so just start killing them and collect as many as crates as you can. but you should always aim to complete it.

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