Below – How To Create Checkpoints, Shortcuts And Farm Shards


Below has finally arrived on PC via steam and has been created by Developer and Publisher Capybara Games. it is an indie adventure roguelike game where you play as an adventurer trying to uncover the secrets of The Isle.

You will find yourself in a dangerous randomly generated labyrinth which consists of many deadly monsters, traps and hazardous environments. you will need to gather resources and scavenge materials to survive and progress the map.

How To Create Checkpoints, Shortcuts And Farm Shards In Below

Whenever you die in this game you will have to begin from the beginning. yup, it has permadeath mechanics and dying will make you will lose all your progress.

But there is a method you can use to not start the game from the beginning instead you can create checkpoints which are basically like a savepoint.

So in this guide, you will learn how to create checkpoints, saves, shortcuts and farm shards easily and quickly.

Checkpoints and Shortcuts

Checkpoints – you can create checkpoints by spending 25 shards and turning the campfire blue. once it has turned blue you can teleport to them from any campfire.

But be careful these checkpoints can only be used once meaning after teleporting to a checkpoint it will turn into a normal campfire. so use it wisely.

Shortcuts – these are permanent teleport points that are found after almost every major encounters in the environment. these are pretty easy to find so you do not need to worry about looking for them.

How To Farm Shards And Store Them

As mentioned already you will need to spend 25 Shards to create a checkpoint which is quite expensive considering you constantly need it to light your torch.

So the best way to gather them is to keep killing enemies and dropping them in your hideout stash.

The hideout stash can be unlocked when you reach floor 3. once unlocked you can store extra items at any campfire. so just farm the shards and place them in the stash at the campfire where they will be safe. when you have enough shard just use them to buy checkpoints anywhere you want.

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