Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 – Unlock Stake Knife In Dead Of The Night

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 latest and fifth zombie map titled Dead of The Night is now available for all players in PC, PS4 and Xbox One. it has been created by Publisher Activision and Developer Treyarch and comes with many new quests and contents.

The new zombie DLC map is set in Alistair Rhodes Mansion located in England. the map is bigger than IX but smaller than Voyage of Despair. you will be able to find new characters, new weapons and more.

How To Unlock Stake Knife In Dead Of The Night In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

In the new zombie map, you will be able to craft and unlock new armor, new weapons, new wonder weapon, new secrets, Pack-a-punch and more.

The Stake Knife is the new weapon for the Dead Of The Night map and basically looks like a wooden stake used for killing vampires. it is extremely powerful and can one shot vampires till level 30.

So in this guide, you will learn how to unlock the Stake Knife. below you find different steps you need to complete before you get it in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4.

Unlock Pack-a-Punch

To unlock Pack-a-Punch you will need to get three different tuning fork and to get them you will need to complete three different crystal challenges present in the Dead of The Night Map.

If you want to find the location of all challenges and know how to solve them. you can follow the guide listed below.

Find The Four Symbols

After you unlock the Pack-a-Punch area. enter the Forest and go the left side of this area. here you will find a tree with a lantern and above it, you will find a symbol.

There are a total of four such related hidden symbols on trees and all these trees are present near the Lantern tree. once you have found all the four symbols, memorize them in the order listed below.

First, stand in front of the lantern tree and then number the trees in the following order.

Symbol #1 – the tree to back and left of the Lantern tree.

Symbol #2 – the tree which is the farthest and opposite of the lantern tree.

Symbol #3 – the lantern tree itself,

Symbol #4 – the tree to the back and right of the Lantern tree.

Just note – the tree symbols order are different for all players and session. so every time you play it you will a different order.

Shoot The Symbol Stone

After memorizing the symbol order go to the garden and look for the symbol stone. there are four such stones and you need to shoot them in the correct order of the numbering you did earlier.

You need to use silver bullets and shoot the stone symbols. if you do it successfully your character will say a quote.

The location of the Symbol stones.

Stone #1 – on the windowsill of the gazebo in the center.

Stone #2 – on the left side of the Wallbuy weapon.

Stone #3 – on the stone wall to the right of the Perk machine.

Stone #4 – on the back corner of the fountain.

Obtain the Tree Branch

After shooting all the symbol stones in the correct order. go to the Forest Terrance and get the Bowie Knife from the Wallbuy.

Now you need to enter the Forest and go to the Lantern tree. once there look for a tree present on the left side of the Lantern tree. this particular tree has a reddish lantern but higher.

On this particular tree, you will find all the four symbols. all you need to do is use the Bowie knife and cut the symbol in the correct order of numbering you did earlier.

If you are cutting them in correcting order then a scratch will go through the symbol otherwise it won’t.

After this equip your shield and bash all the symbol in any order you want. doing this will bring down a tree branch to the ground. now just grab it by holding the interact button.

Feed Soul To The Branch

Once you get the Branch, take it to Perk Machine Mausoleum and place it on the Altar. now near the branch start killing the vampires and their souls will transfer to the branch automatically. you will need to get 10-15 kills.

Once the branch stops taking any more souls and the tip of the branch is glowing. collect it and then take it to the crafting workbench located on the cemetery path of Call Of Duty Black Ops 4.

You will get a prompt to craft the Stake Knife. now all you need to do is press the crafting button and you will get it.

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