Below – List Of All The Crafting Recipes And Ingredients


Below has been finally released by Publisher and Developer Capybara Games on PC. it is an indie adventure Role playing game where players will play as an adventurer trying to test his strength.

In the game you will need to go through a procedural subterranean labyrinth named The Isle’s. you will need to scavenge materials and harvest ingredients to survive and progress through different levels.

List Of All The Crafting Recipes And Ingredients In Below

Throughout the game, you will need to use different types of weapons, utility devices, and other items to progress through the game.

Some of these items can be picked while exploring through the map and some of them can be obtained by crafting with various resources.

So in this guide, you will find the list of all the craftable items present in the game. just note that the list is still a work in progress.

Basic Items

Shard + Shard + Shard = Spike

Stick + Stick + Stick = Bundle

String + String + String = Weave

Ember + Ember + Ember = Phosphor

Ultility Devices

Blood Moss + Sludge + String = Bandage

Blood Moss + Sludge + Leather = Bandage+

Blood Moss + Sludge + Weave = Salve Strap

Blood Moss + Spike + Shard = Caltrops

Bundle + Crystal + Weave = Crystal Rod

Stick + String + Ember = Torch

Stick + Weave + Phoshor = Torch+


Stick + Leather + Shard = Arrow

Stick + Leather + Ember = Fire Arrow

Stick + Spike + Shard = Spike Arrow

Stick + String + Phosphor = Bomb Arrow

Bundle + Leather + Shard = 4X Arrow

Bundle + Leather + Phosphor = 4X Fire Arrow

Bundle + Spike + Shard = 4X Spire Arrow

Bundle + String + Phosphor = 4X Bomb Arrow

Skull + String + Phosphor = Bomb

Skull + Spike + Phosphor = Mine

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