Kingdom Two Crowns – How To Get Coins And Gems

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns has been finally released on PC via Steam by Developer Noio, Coatsink, and Publisher Raw Fury. it is an adventure strategy game where players slowly expand their kingdom.

The new game is the sequel to 2016’s Kingdom New Lands and brings old and new mechanics. you will find a new campaign mode where you need to build your kingdom and defeat new enemies by investing in technology, buildings and more.

Guide On Coins And Gems Earning And Usage In Kingdom Two Crowns

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock, upgrade and hire to make yourself more powerful but to do that you will need to Coins and Gems.

The Coins and Gems are both currency and can be used to upgrade, hire and unlock. but earning them is a different story as both of currencies are earned through different methods.

So in this guide, you will learn how to earn coins and gems and also about the different mechanics involved in their usage.

Coins Function and How To Earn Them

Coins are the primary currency of the game which can be used to hire subjects, build structures, upgrade defense and progress through the story of Kingdom Two Crowns.

You can also use the coins as a buffer against direct attacks from enemies. this you can protect your monarch crown. furthermore, if your subjects are being attacked by Greedlings you can drop some coins so that they stop chasing them.

Coin Pouch – The coins are kept by the monarch in the coin pouch present in the top right corner of the screen. the pouch can carry a total of 40 coins before becoming full. after this, if you carry more coins then it will be considered overfill which increases the capacity to 50 coins.

With overflowing coins, you can spend them quickly on different buildings, upgrades, soldiers and more as you already have a steady income of coins.

How To obtain coins – the most basic way of earning coins is farming, hunting, logging and by opening treasure chests present across the game.

Gems Function and How To Earn Them

This is the latest addition to series and can be used to activate different special buildings. it is also used for unlocking hermits, shrines, mounts, dog and more.

The gems are stored in the same pouch as the coins but they take more space. unlike coins, gems do not disappear if they are dropped on the ground as your subject won’t collect them and it can only be taken away by greed.

When you get attacked by greed your coins will be stolen first but if you do not have coins then greed will take away your gem.

How To Get Gems

To get gems you need to find gem chests which are spread across different areas of the game. a single gem chest can give you 3 gems and currently it is the only way to get gems.

Known Location Of Gems (will be updated when we find more location)

Second Area – to get there you will need to build a boat and travel with your troops to the next area. here you will need to go to the far left section and far right section of the map. you are going to find 3-4 chests.

Priest and Mayor – every time you upgrade the camp visit the Priest or the mayor as they have a chance to give you gems.

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