Destiny 2 Dawning – Get Cookie Ingredients, Recipes And Whom To Gift

Destiny 2 Dawning

Destiny 2 Dawning the annual event held every year in December is now live and for this occasion Developer Bungie and Publisher have released plenty of new content.

Players will find game modes like Mayhem PvP, Scourge of the Past raid and more. you will also be able to unlock several new items which include combat gears and more.

Get Cookie Ingredients, Recipes And Whom To Gift In Destiny 2 Dawning

With the release of the annual event, you will be able to grind more new quests, raids, and events which give you different weapons, armor, and other cosmetic items.

The cookie crafting is one of the many activities you can take part in Dawning. you can gather different ingredients and craft them to create different types of cookies which when gifted to certain NPCs gives you rewards.

So below you will find the location of all the ingredients, the recipes for all the cookies and who to gift to earn rewards.

How To Get Common Ingredients

Cabal Oil – from killing cabal

Chitin Powder – from killing Hive

Dark Ether cane – from killing Scorn

Ether Cane – from killing Fallen

Taken Butter – from killing Taken

Vex Milk – from killing Vex

Rare Ingredients

The rare cookie ingredients are a bit difficult to get and require little grinding. you will need to perform some particular actions to get them, for example, killing from a specific weapon, inflicting specific damage and more in Destiny 2 Dawning.

Below you will find a list on how to get rare ingredients.

Bullet Spray – from killing with ARs, SMGs, LMGs, and Machine guns.

Delicious Explosion – from killing with regular grenades, grenade launcher, and rocket launcher.

Electric Heat – from getting arc kills

Flash Of Inspiration – Use super abilities and get kills.

Impossible Heat – from getting solar kills

Null Taste – from getting void kills

Perfect Taste – from getting Precision kills

Personal Touch – from getting Melee Kills

Sharp Flavor – from killing with swords

Essence Of Dawning

To create a batch of cookie you will need to fifteen Essence of Dawning which you can easily obtain by completing different types of activities present throughout Destiny 2 Dawning.

Below you will find how much EOD you can get from different activities.

Patrols, Public events, Bounties from Eva: 3-5

Gambit, Heroic Strikes, Maythem: 10-15

Night Completions: 23-25

You can also use the Essence of Dawning to purchase common ingredients and rare ingredients. the common one will cost five and rare one will cost ten. but it is recommended to not use them to buy ingredients.

All Recipes And Whom To Gift The Baked Goodies

Below you will find the list of all the cookies and who to gift them to earn rewards. just remember to bake a batch of cookie you will need to get fifteen Essence of Dawning.

Alkane Dragee Cookies – Bullet Spray and Chitin Powder. gift to Sloane

Candy Dead Ghosts – Dark Ether Cane and Flash of Inspiration. gift to Spider

Chocolate Ship – Cabal Oil and Null Taste. gift to Holliday

Dark Chocolate Motes – Taken Butter and Null Taste. gift to Drifter

Eliksni Birdseed – Ether Cane and Personal Touch. gift to Hawthorne

Gentleman’s Shortbread – Ether Cane and Perfect Taste. gift to Devrim Kay.

Gjallardoodles – Delicious Explosion and Ether Cane. gift to Zavala

Ill-Fortune Cookies – Dark Ether Cane and Impossible Heat. gift to Petra Venj

Javelin Mooncake – Chitin Powder and Sharp Flavor. gift to Ana Bray

Infinite Forest Cakes – Impossible Heat and Vex Milk. gift to Failsafe

Radiolarian Pudding – Electric Flavor and Vex Milk. gift to Asher.

Strange Cookies – Electric Flavor and Taken Butter. gift to Xur.

Telemetry Tapioca – Bullet Spray and Vex Milk. gift to Banshee 44.

Traveler Donut Holes – Cabal Oil and Flash of Inspiration. gift to Ikora

Vanilla Blades – Cabal Oil and Sharp Flavor. gift to Shaxx

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