Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Guide On Spirit Types, Leveling, Enhancing

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has arrived on Nintendo Switch and will be the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series. it is a fighting game created by Publisher Nintendo and Developer Bandai Namco and Sora Ltd.

The latest edition of the game you will find returning game modes like classic, special smash and some new modes like Smashdown and Squad strike. furthermore, you will also find eleven new characters and more than 60 characters.

Guide On Spirit Types, Leveling, Enhancing In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

In the game, you will be able to use various items, abilities, characters, and spirits to progress through the game.

The spirits are an important part of the game mechanics which if utilized properly can make your character very powerful and easily overpower your opponents.

So below you will find a complete guide on spirits which will explain about different spirit types, leveling up, enhancing and more in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Types Of Spirit

There are two types of spirit categories in the game. One is the primary spirit with one slot and support spirit with three slots

The primary spirits are marked with Triangle. these spirits raise your fighter’s Attack Power. the support spirits have hexagon marked on it and they give your fighter additional abilities.

Spirit Elements And Their Strength and Weakness

There are a total of four spirit element Attack, Grab, Shield and neutral. depending on your selection of spirit your fighter will have different bonus attributes.

  • Attack (red) – Strong VS Grab but weak VS Shield
  • Grab (green) – Strong VS Shield but weak VS Attack
  • Shield (blue) – Strong VS Attack but weak VS Grab

If you are using a primary spirt against an opponent who has a weaker spirit then you will gain bonus damage but you will also get lower rewards. if you are using a primary spirit which is weaker against the opponent’s spirit then you will have lower damage but if you win you will gain bonus higher rewards.

Four Tiers of Spirit

The spirit also comes in four different tiers/stars and they are Novice, advanced, ace, and Legendary.

  • Novice – 1 star – has the lowest stats among spirits
  • Advanced – 2 star – is better than novice and has average stats.
  • Ace – 3 star – these are very good and offers high attributes.
  • Legendary – 4 star – these are the best spirits in the game and have very high attributes and also very difficult to get.
How To Unlock More Spirits

There are more than 500 spirits in the game. you can use the four methods listed below to unlock more and add them to your collection.

World of Light – progress through the World Of Light story mode and you will find little flames which are challenges. pick up these challenges, defeat the spirit and it will be added to your permanent collection. as you progress through the game you will find more spirit challenges with increasing difficulty.

Challenge Board – these are limited battles which let you earn specific spirit. in this game mode, you will find a board of cards. each representing the reward you will get for completing it. these challenges can be difficult if you do not have the right spirit equipped for a particular challenge.

Crafting from Cores – if you have extra spirit of a particular character or if you have a spirit which you do not want to use. then you can just recycle them into cores and then use them to summon new spirits in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Spirit Team Power – If you are fighting against a spirit team which has equal or higher spirit power. then you will get a chance to receive higher quality rewards which also includes spirits.

Leveling Up Your Spirits

There are four different ways you can use to increase the level of your spirits.

Battle – the best way to level up your spirit is to simply equip them and use them in battle and they will start gaining levels.

Treasure Hunting – you can even send your spirits to explore the game world in search of treasure which will let them gain more exp and level.

Training – At the Dojo, you can train your spirit to gain some levels.

Feeding – You can feed your spirit snacks which also helps in increasing their level.

Evolving/Enhancing Your Spirits

There are some spirits which can be evolved in the game for example Boom Boom. to know if a spirit can be evolved or not just look below the level of the spirit and if you find the statement “can be enhanced at Lv.” then it can be evolved.

If you raise the level of a spirit to the required enhancing level you will get the option to enhance it.

If you enhance it you will evolve the spirit into a powerful version. for example, when When Boom Boom is enhanced it turns to Boom Boom and Pom Pom which have higher attack, defense and also gains a new ability. furthermore now it a 3 star Ace spirit.

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