Destiny 2 – How And Where To Start And Complete Gofannon Forge

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has released the black armory expansion and it will be the latest DLC for Forsaken and will also be the first expansion in the Annual Pass.

In the new update, players will find new raid events called Scourge of the past. you will also be able to unlock new weapons, new armors and more. furthermore, there are two new locations named The last city and the Black Armory.

How And Where To Start And Complete Gofannon Forge In Destiny 2

The black armory expansion has many different new updates which let the Guardians grind through new region, events and more.

The Gofannon Forge is the second Black Armory Forge in the game. but if you want to go to it you will need to complete a long series of quests. some are easy, some are hard and some are just frustrating.

So in this guide, you will learn how and where to start Gofannon forge quest and also how to complete it in Destiny 2.

How To Start Gofannon Forge Quest Chain

To begin the Gofannon forge quest you will have to first kill Fallen and the get the blue item named Stolen Black Armory Gear. you can try to get this item by killing Captains and Dreg but it is not guaranteed.

Once you get the Black Armory Gear, go to Ada and speak and she will give you more tasks and missions.

Collect 35 Tainted Gear

First task in the chain is to collect 35 Tainted Gear. to get the tainted gear you will need to perform some precision kills on Fallen present around the galaxy. you do not have to kill them in any particular location. just find them and get precision kills. when you get 35 of these kills, go to Tangled Shore and then talk to Spider.

Complete Needle In The Tangled Shore Quest

Now spider will give you a quest named Needle in the Tangled Shore. to complete this mission you will need to complete two other quests. one is the Cryo Pod Heroic Event in Thieves landing and in the second quest, you need to defeat fallen enemies with melee damage at the Tangled Shore.

Complete Scourge of the Armory quest

Once you have completed all the step above do the Scourge of the Armory quest. in this quest, you will have to do the lost sectors EDZ. you will need to complete them and keep investigating fallen caches which are the big black boxes. you need to keep investigating until the game tells you to stop.

Complete Siviks’s Delivery Note quest

Now you will need to do the Siviks’s Delivery note quest. here you will need to kill some high-value targets. you can identify these targets by looking for named targets with a big yellow health bar. you can find them easily in any public events.

Gofannon Forge Quest Beginning

You will need to go to Nessus Lost Sectors and then just follow the quest marker given by the game. here you will need to complete the mission and then you need to go to Gofannon Forge.

The Gofannon forge is located in Nessus. here you will need to go to Artifact’s Edge. here in the gorge, you will find a broken ship. you need to enter the ship through the entrance present on the ledge of the ship. once inside just follow the corridor and you will eventually reach it.

Finally after completing everything just go to Ada and you she will give you the basic sniper rifle frame.

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