Super Smash Bros Ultimate – How To Unlock All Characters

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been finally released on Nintendo Switch. it is a fighting game created by Developer Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd. and Publisher Nintendo.

It will be the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros series and features 74 playable fighters. the game has new 11 new fighters namely Ridley, Dark Samus, Incineroar and more.

How To Unlock All Characters In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock many different characters, weapons and other items. but unlocking your favorite character can be a bit tricky and tedious.

So in this guide, you will find how to unlock all the characters in Classic mode, World Of Light mode and VS mode.

Below you will find the guide describing how you can unlock a particular character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. just note that the list is still a Work in progress

Classic Mode Of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The classic mode is one of the several modes you can play to unlock a character. to unlock a character in this mode of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. you will need to play a particular character. for example, if you want Dark Samus you need to play Samus in Classic mode, or if you want Luigi you need to play Ike.

  • Bayonetta – Unlocked by playing Sonic
  • Bowser – W.I.P
  • Bowser Jr – Unlocked by playing Falco, Donkey Kong
  • Chrom – Unlocked by playing Ridley and Yoshi
  • Cloud – Unlocked by playing Dark Samus
  • Corrin – W.I.P
  • Daisy – Unlocked by playing Falco
  • Dr. Mario – Unlocked by playing Bayonetta, King K Rool, Roy
  • Captain Falcon – Unlocked by playing Fox
  • Dark Pit – Unlocked by playing Wario
  • Dark Samus – Unlocked by playing Samus
  • Diddy King – Unlocked by playing Dark Pit
  • Duck Hunt – Unlocked by playing Pichu
  • Falco – unlocked by playing Peach and Captain Falcon
  • Ganondorf – Unlocked by playing Ryu
  • Greninja – Unlocked by playing Rosalina
  • Ice Climbers – Unlocked by playing King K Rool
  • IKe – Unlocked by playing Little Mac
  • Incineroar – Unlocked by Wii Fit Trainer
  • Inkling – Unlocked by playing Samus
  • Isabelle – Unlocked by Samus and Shulk
  • Jigglypuff – Unlocked by playing Ness
  • Ken – Unlocked by playing Duck Hunt and Ryu
  • King Dedede – Unlocked by playing Pokemon Trainer
  • Little Mac – Unlocked by playing Bayonetta
  • Lucario – Unlocked by playing Yoshi
  • Lucas – Unlocked by playing Corrin, Ken
  • Lucina – Unlocked by playing Marth, Ryu
  • Luigi – Unlocked by playing Ike
  • Marth – W.I.P
  • Mega Man – Unlocked by playing Wario
  • Meta Knight – W.I.P
  • Mewtwo – W.I.P
  • Mii Brawler – N/A in Classic mode
  • Mii Swordfighter – N/A in Classic mode
  • Mii Gunner – N/A in Classic mode
  • Mr. Game and Watch – Unlocked by ROB
  • Ness – Unlocked by playing Kirby
  • Olimar – Unlocked by playing Little Mac
  • Peach – Unlocked by playing Falco
  • Pichu – unlocked by playing Isabelle
  • Pit – W.I.P
  • Pac Man – if you have Jigglypuff it can be Unlocked by Ness.
  • Palutena – Unlocked by playing Lucas, Ryu, Young Link
  • Piranha Plant – Through DLC
  • Pokemon Trainer – Unlocked by playing Bowser, Donkey Kong
  • Roy – Unlocked by playing Little Mac
  • Shiek – Unlocked by playing Kind Dedede and Pokemon Trainer
  • Richter – Unlocked by Snake and Young Link
  • Ridley – Unlocked by playing Lucina
  • ROB – Unlocked by playing Luigi
  • Robin – Unlocked by playing Zelda
  • Ryu – Unlocked by playing Marth
  • Rosalina – Unlocked by playing Pokemon Trainer, Pichu, Donkey Kong
  • Simon – Unlocked by playing Ice Climbers and King K Rool
  • Shulk – Unlocked by playing Pikachu
  • Sonic – Unlocked by playing Mario
  • Snake – Unlocked by playing Meta Knight
  • Toon Link – Unlocked by playing Richter
  • Wario – Unlocked by playing Clod
  • Young Link – Unlocked by playing Simon
  • Villager – W.I.P
  • Wii Fit Trainer – Unlocked by playing Inkling
  • Wolf – Unlocked by playing Peach
  • Zelda – W.I.P
  • Zero Suit Samus – Unlocked by playing Captain Falcon
World Of Light In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The world of light contains various map, routes, and regions where you will find different characters scattered around the map. all the characters which cannot be unlocked through Classic mode.

To unlock a character in World of Light you will need to look for them in a specific location and then complete the challenge to obtain them.

The best part about the world of light is that you are not required to play a specific character meaning you are free to utilize any character you want in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

World Of LIght – WOL, World Of Dark – WOD

  • Bayonetta – The final battle
  • Bowser – In WOL, in the sub-area of the Molten Fortress.
  • Bowser Jr – In WOD, Sacred Land
  • Captain Falcon – In WOL, Villager route
  • Chrom – In WOD, sacred land. just near a treasure chest press (A) to open.
  • Cloud – In WOD, sacred Land, first unlock Zelda and then the path will lead to Cloud.
  • Corrin – In WOD, mysterious dimension, near Azura’s Spirit.
  • Daisy – In WOD, in Dracula’s castle defeat Dry Bowser’s spirit before encountering
  • Dark Samus – The Final Battle
  • Dark Pit – In WOD, defeat Boo’s Spirit at Dracula castle before the encounter
  • Diddy King – In WOL, near DK Island
  • Donkey Kong – In WOL, Marth route
  • Dr. Mario – In WOL, Marth route, near Luminous City
  • Duck Hunt – In WOL, Marth route, hidden forest
  • Falco – In WOL
  • Fox – In WOL
  • Ganondorf – In WOD, Sacred Land
  • Greninja – In WOD, mysterious dimension
  • Ice Climbers – In WOL, Villager route
  • Ike – In WOD, Mysterious Dimension
  • Isabelle – In WOL, Villager route
  • Incineroar – In WOD, the dark realm, left route
  • Inkling – In WOL, from northwest of the starting area, in a Nintendo themed city.
  • Jigglypuff – In WOL, Shiek’s route
  • Ken – In WOD, Dracula’s castle
  • King Dedede – In WOL, Sub-area
  • King K Rool – In WOD, mysterious dimension near Risky Boot’s spirit.
  • Kirby – Starter Character
  • Link – In WOL, Villager route
  • Little Mac – In WOL
  • Lucario – In WOL, Villager route
  • Lucas – In WOL
  • Lucina – In WOD, The Dark realm, right route
  • Luigi – In WOD, Mysterious Dimension
  • Mario – In WOL it will be the first character you met.
  • Marth – In WOL, One of the first 3 routes
  • Mega Man – IN WOL, Marth route, near Sigma spirit
  • Meta Knight – In WOD, Mysterious Dimension
  • Mewtwo – In WOD, defeat Wispy woods spirit in Mysterious Dimension
  • Mr. Game and Watch – In WOL
  • Mii Brawler – In WOD, in sacred realm complete a simple puzzle of blue and red torches.
  • Mii Swordfighter – In WOL
  • Ness – In WOL
  • Olimar – In WOL, Marth route
  • Paultena – The final battle, near Mythra’s spirit
  • Peach – In World Of Light, in the subarea of The Molten Fortress
  • Pichu – In WOL
  • Pikachu – In WOL
  • Piranha Plant – DLC
  • Pit – In WOL
  • Pokemon Trainer – In WOL
  • ROB – In WOD, Mysterious Dimension
  • Robin – In WOD, at Dracula’s castle defeat werewolf’s spirit before entering
  • Rosalina – In WOD, in dark realm take the top middle route.
  • Roy – The Final Battle
  • Richter – In WOD, at Dracula’s castle, nearby clock tower defeat all dark spirit before the encounter.
  • Ridley – In WDL, at Dracula’s castle defeat the creature And Flea man spirit before the encounter
  • Ryu – In WOL, world tour
  • Simon – In WOL, near the final boss
  • Samus – In WOL
  • Shiek – In WOL, one of the first 3 routes
  • Shulk – In WOL
  • Snake – In WOD, Marth route
  • Sonic – In WOD, sacred land
  • Toon Link – In WOL
  • Villager – In WOL, one of the first 3 routes
  • Wario – In WOD, defeat Mummy at Dracula castle before the encounter
  • Wii Fit Trainer – In WOL, Marth Route, Luminous City
  • Wolf – In WOD, Mysterious Dimension
  • Yoshi – In WOL, Shiek route(Ribbon Road)
  • Young Link – In WOD, Sacred Land
  • Zelda – In WOD, Sacred LandPac Man – In WOL, Marth route
  • Zero Suit Samus – In WOL

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