Beholder 2 – Guide On Appeals, Ministry And Office Selection

Beholder 2

Beholder 2 has been finally released by Developer Warm Lamp Games and Publisher Alawar Premium. it is an indie simulation and strategy game and will be the sequel to 2016’s Beholder.

You will play as a newly employed department officer in the Ministry of a totalitarian State. as will come across several cases and it’s up to you whether you want to be a hardline power seeker or a responsible and diligent officer.

Guide On Appeals, Ministry And Office Selection In Beholder 2

Throughout the game, you will need to make several easy and difficult decisions which will shape up your story and also result in your role in a totalitarian state.

To help make better decisions for your goal you will need to know how the Appeals, ministry, and office works.

So below you will find a guide which will explain how appeals work, details on all ministry and also learn about simple office functions in Beholder 2.

Appeals And How To Classify Them

Complaint – these appeals are issued by people who do not know who did something in a specific event. for example “Somebody stole my bike”. as nobody knows about the culprit it is a complaint.

Denunciation – these appeals happens when one person gives another person name and want them to be punished. for example ” I am here to let you know that *Name* is hiding something”. so basically if a person is giving away a name it is denunciation.

Information – these appeals happens when a person is giving you information. for example, these are the result for these *activities*”

Request – these appeals are easy to recognize as most people with these appeals are requesting something from you. for example “I would like to know about —- ”

Ministry Details

Order – it refers to anything based on Law like theft, harassment and more.

Patriotism – it refers to anything for the country, leader, and war. (the national song is a patriotism)

Social care – it refers to anything associated with education, health, housing and more.

Labor – it refers to anything related to working in different jobs.

Culture sports – it refers to anything related to theater, sports and more.

Science and Technology – it refers to anything related to upgrades, invention, machinery and more.

Office Selection

Here it all depends on your decisions. all you need to do is pick a day of the week from the clock present on the right.

Then scroll through the list of offices also present on the right and match to the ones present on your screen. just pick the office that is open that day.

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