Just Cause 4 – How To Unlock Squad / Best Strategy To Increase Squad

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 has been finally released by Publisher Square Enix and Developer Avalanche Studios. it will be the fourth installment and the sequel to 2015’s Just Cause 3.

It is a third person action adventure game set in an open world environment based on fictional South American country called SolĂ­s where you will play as Rico Rodriguez who has decided to take down the Black Hands.

How To Unlock Squad / Best Strategy To Increase Squad In Just Cause 4

Throughout the game, you will need to defeat different enemies, capture more territories, unlock new missions, vehicles and weapons and to do that you will need Squad reserves.

But unlocking Squad reserves can be a bit tricky and confusing as the game does not explain much about it.

So in this guide, you will learn how to unlock more Squad Reserves so that you can progress through the game.

How To Unlock Squad Reserves

At the beginning of the game you will get some squad reserves but after some point, you will need to start earning them. there are two ways of unlocking the squad which are listed below

Increase Chaos Level

To do this you need to destroy the red objects present in the enemy bases or you can destroy hostile vehicles which includes power generators, gas tanks and more.

So all you need to do is look for red objects, destroy them and create chaos around the enemy base. you can check your chaos points in the upper right corner of the screen. every increase in the level of chaos gives you a couple of Squad Reserves.

Liberate Enemy Region

Whenever you liberate a hostile region which has been bordered by 2+ of your friendly regions you will get squad reserves.

One other important thing to note is that you will unlock additional squad but you will not need to spend any squad reserves to attack.

Best Strategy to Maintain Squad In Just Cause 4

At the early point of the game, you will receive a very low amount of Squads and there are various regions you need to conquer.

So to make sure that you do not run out of Squad reserves. you should first go to southern part of the map and complete the Windwalker storyline, then go to the northern part of the map and complete the Thunderbarge storyline and finally go to the western part of the map and complete the Sandstinger storyline.

Also while conquering the region makes sure that you aim for the region which requires you to spend the least amount of squad. this way you will be able to form a pattern which will force enemy regions to be surrounded by +1 or +2 of your friendly regions.

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