X4 Foundations – Guide On How To Earn Money Quickly And Easily

X4 Foundations

X4 Foundations will be the eleventh installment in the X series and has been created by Publisher and Developer Egosoft. it will be an open world space exploration game where players need to expand their space empire.

It will be the first game in the X series to allow races and factions to freely build and expand. you will find a dynamic economy which you let you earn money from different means. furthermore, you will be able to build space stations and ships and customize to your liking.

Guide On How To Earn Money Quickly And Easily In X4 Foundations

To expand your space empire you will need to get multiple spaceships and stations and keep upgrading them to make them more effective. but to do that you will need some good amount of Money.

Money making in the game can be a bit confusing and tedious as there are several methods you can utilize to earn them. so in this guide, you will some easy ways to earn a large amount of money in a short time.

Below you will find a list of good money earning methods and how to use them for maximum efficiency in X4 Foundations.

Complete Missions

This is one of the best and easiest way to earn money quickly. the missions which pay the most are usually where you need to chase and bring down trader ships. some of these missions are “Priceless Art Stolen”, “Secret Data” and more.

How to Find Missions – just open the map and look for yellow icons on a station. you can right click on the icon and it will bring a new screen which will give you mission details.

To Successfully complete these missions just get a cheat fighter or scout ship which has around 40-50 DPS. once you have the mission and the ship just chase down the trader ship and hit them until they beg for mercy. this will make then drop their cargo. get the cargo and you will get $120K – $170K instantly.

Sell Medical Kits

Go to any stations and on the dock, you will find a trader. these traders have supplies which you can buy and craft into Medical Kits. selling them can easily give you $10K.

How To Craft them – once you have the supplies just go to crafting bench located near the Trader and use it to craft the kit.

Getting Into Mining

If you have a good amount of money then go to Wharf and then buy a M size Miner. then go to map and select Property Owned and click on the new Miner Ship you bought. here go through info tab > behavior tab > and change it to Auto Mine. just note that you will need to pilot for the Auto mine feature.

Through this method, you should be able to earn $40K – $60K every 10-12 minutes. to maximize earning increase the number of Miner ship and set all of them to Auto Mine.

Pro Tip – Mine Crystals – to make the most out of mining you should look for white shining objects on asteroids present in Asteroid field. these white objects are crystal and mining them could give you around 2-5mil in 15-20 mins.

How to Find More Mining Resource – you can just send some resource probe into space and it will give you an indicator of minerals in a particular area.

Hunt Down Criminals

If you are in or near any space stations then you will occasionally hear Police message of ongoing events. after which you will see a red marked ship. these are rogue criminal ship and if you bring them down you will earn some decent money and also increase your faction points.

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