X4 Foundations – Tips And Tricks For Ships And Workers

X4 Foundations

X4 Foundations has been finally released by Publisher and Developer Egosoft. it will be the eleventh installment in the X series and will be an open world space exploration game where players need to trade, fight, and build a space empire.

In the latest edition, you will be able to fly all kinds of ships. you will be able to build and upgrade your own space stations and also modify your ships with new engines, weapons, and other types of equipment.

Throughout the game, you will need to need to use varies controls, options, and mechanics to create a better space world. so below you will find some tips and tricks to improve your gameplay.

Tips And Tricks For Ships And Workers In X4 Foundations
Ship Gameplay Tips

Locate Hidden Objects – To find secret objects, stations and other hidden locations you should use the normal scan and long scan.

Superhighway – On the map, you can find a long blue ribbon like sign. you can fly up to it and then land down on it by using the default “S” button. this will let you move with a high speed. if you want to speed it up you can hit “X” and if you want to slow down hit “Z”.

Shift Controls

  • Pressing shift 1 activates the Travel mode
  • Pressing Shift 2 activates a scan mode to find hidden objects.
  • Pressing shift 3 activates a long-range scan to find stations and other secret objects. while long scanning lookout for purple signals on the screen(not on map).

Manually Docking – to manual dock properly you will need to follow the green lines present on the docking zone and then align your spacecraft with the pad. all you need to do is use the Q and E button to align the front portion of the ship and then get it aligned with the center of the pad by using “Z” and “X” to throttle forward and backward. finally when you are positioned properly just hit the “S” button to land.

Boosting – this function can be activated by pressing the tab button but remember it also drains your shields which can make you very vulnerable in X4 Foundations.

Capture an abandoned ship – to capture a ship just get into your spacesuit and then get close to the ship. now use the suit’s scanner by pressing shift two times and finally use Shift+D to dock it.

Selling Ship – to sell a ship just open the map and then select the ship you want to sell. then you need to right click on a shipyard or wharf and finally select sell ship from the menu.

Collect Bounty from Rogue Ships – if you hear the occasional police radio call. then you will find a ship marked as an enemy. you can chase and shoot it down to gain a small amount of bounty and also increase relation with the local.

Buy items from station traders – while searching the stations sometimes you may find traders who are in buildings and are present at the docks with a large shopping cart logo above them. you can buy basic crafting items from then like needles and bandages.

Be careful of Space mines – some part of space has a higher density of space mines. these mines give a yellow glow and if you run into them it would explode your ship.

NPCs Gameplay Tips In X4 Foundations

Recruiting People – You can recruit people by talking to them at the station. the only problem is that these random NPCs have very low stats.

Assigning People to work – to assign characters just click on the ship you want them in and then right click again. this will bring a new menu. here you need to click on select, now you can assign them any role by using the right-hand hire menu.

Hiring Captian – to get a captain for your ship first hire people from the station and then select the ship which you need a captain for. then assign the captain role.

Hiring Pilot/ Marines – go to ship information screen and then set the “Serviceable crewmen” to less than the people you have. now make any character a marine and then select the marine from the “Full crew” section and promote them to pilot.

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