X4 Foundations – How To Get Infinite Money Quickly

X4 Foundations

X4 Foundations has been finally released on PC via steam by Developer and Publisher Egosoft. it will the be the eleventh installment in the X Series and will have more advanced options and in-depth mechanics.

In the game, you will be able to use many different types of spaceships. you will be able to build space stations and upgrade ships. furthermore, you will find a vast research option which will let you expand your empire more quickly.

How To Get Infinite Money Quickly In X4 Foundations

To progress through the game you will need to upgrade your ships and space stations by buying new items, weapons, and other equipment. but to do that you will need to spend money and it can be very time taking.

Money making in X4 Foundations can be very tedious and time taking especially in the early stages of the game when you do not have many resources.

So below you will find a guide on how to get infinite money instantly. you can use this method to enhance your gameplay.

Important note – to get infinite money you will need to edit a game file. if you are not comfortable with doing any changes then avoid this guide.

Guide To Infinite Money

First, you need to log into the game and then go to the game settings. here in the game options tab, you will need to turn off the compress save option.

Once you have completed the step exit the game and then go to the File Explorer. here you need to enter Documents and then enter Egosoft.

After entering Egosoft you will now need to select X4 where you will see some files. get into # file and you will find the Save file which you need to edit.

So just right click on any save file which you want to continue in the game. just note you should have either WinRAR or 7zip. as you need to extract the important file.

Now just right click on the file and then open it using the Note Pad++ program. here you will see a bunch of lines.

You need to select the search option from the top left section. then you need to click on it. this will bring a new search box.

In the search box you will need to find following terms Account Id= / Player Name= / Stat Id=”money”

In each of these terms, you need to enter the amount you want in the game. for example, if you enter 999.999. then you will get 999.999Cr. if you enter 100.000 then you will get 100.000Cr

Once you entered your desired amount save the file using the save option from the left menu section. now start the game and load the save file which you just edited and you will get your desired money.

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