Superfighters Deluxe – How To Host, Join And Set Up Port Forwarding

Superfighters Deluxe

Superfighters Deluxe has been released by Publisher and Developer MythoLogic Interactive. it is an indie 2D action platformer game where players while brawling with each other.

The chaotic multiplayer game features a dynamic world which can contain destructible objects. you will find a wide range of weapons like swords, handguns, rifles, bazooka and much more.  you will also find versus, survival, and campaign mode.

How To Host, Join And Set Up Port Forwarding In Superfighters Deluxe

The game features many different randomized levels, weapons, game modes and a character customization option which lets you enhance your gameplay.

But the best part is that you can it has the multiplayer mode which allows you to play the game with your friends and other online players.

So in this guide, you will learn how to host, join and also set up a port forwarding to enjoy multiplayer games.

What is Port forwarding?

The game allows any player to set up and host a match over the internet and play with other players in a multiplayer environment. but this requires the game to have an open network port which will allow other players to connect your hosted game from other network and to do that you need port forwarding.

How To Create A Port Forwarding

The default setting of the game automatically tries to port forward using UPnP. you can find the settings by going to the Settings menu and then selecting the Network section. here you will find the Port and port forwarding settings.

The port forwarding will only work if it is set to Automatic (UPnP). if you are behind a NAT box or a router then make sure your device supports UPnP and then enable it.

You can set Port forwarding to Manual but remember if you set to manual you will need to set up the port forwarding yourself in your local network setting.

If you do not know how to enable UPnP for your specific router then you can use the User guide manual book given along with your router. this user guide will also give information on how to set up port forwarding manually.

If you do not have your user guide manual book then you can follow the link listed below which contains information on how to port forward for different routers/devices.

Just note that Superfighters Deluxe uses port is 52233 and both UDP and TCP protocols.

Friends are Unable to connect your Game

Double check your port forward settings if everything is correct then make sure that your friends also have set up port forwarding correctly.

If you and your friend are using the same router in the same LAN. then you need to choose the Connect to IP option present in the main menu. here you will need to enter your friend’s LAN IP address.

This happens because the server list all games using the Pubic Ip and you won’t be able to join your friend’s game by using the same the public IP if you both are within the same LAN.

Finally also make sure that your antivirus or windows firewall is not blocking communication for Superfighters Deluxe.

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