Red Dead Online – What Is Horse Insurance And How To Get It

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has finally arrived on Xbox and PS4. it will be an open world multiplayer action adventure game where you will play as the citizen of the wild west era.

The game has been created by Publisher and Developer Rockstar Game and is the first game of from Red Dead series which is fully online where you can play with other online players from across the world.

What Is Horse Insurance And How To Get It In Red Dead Online

Throughout the online version of the game, you will be able to customize your characters abilities according to your playstyle. you can also enhance your gameplay by getting better weapons and horse.

The only problem is that your weapons and horse will get damaged over time. replacing weapons would not be much of a problem.

But if your horse is injured in a middle of nowhere then there is a chance that other players will aim it and will eventually kill it without your horse you will become an easier target. so maintaining your horse is certainly a top priority.

How To Get Horse Insurance

To help you with maintaining your horse the online version of RDR2 has introduced Horse Insurance. you can get this at any stable.

All you need to do is get inside any stable and then select Manage owned horses. here you will find three different option one of them would be the Horse Insurance.

To buy the Horse Insurance you will need to spend a whopping 5 gold bar which is very expensive and is very hard to get.

How To Get Free Horse Insurance – At the beginning of the online edition of the game you receive a free insurance if you haven’t used it till now. it is recommended that you wait until you get a better horse which you want to keep and use.

What Does The Horse Insurance Do

If you have a horse insurance and your horse gets critically injured it would automatically start healing this makes your horse less likely to die. if you are fighting a lot in the online version of the game then it might be of worth for you.

Without insurance, if your horse gets injured you will need to go back to the stable and heal it by spending $4.

Will My Horse die permanently if It Dies in Online Edition

The straight answer would be NO, if your horse dies then you will need to visit a stable and then revive it from the Stables Menu. you will need to wait for some minutes before it is ready to roll again.

Replacement horse – if your horse is dead in the online version and you whistle for a horse. then the game will automatically give you a temporary standard horse.

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