Red Dead Online – Change Morality/ Honor Level Instantly (Vice Versa)

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online will the first game in the RD series which will be completely online where players will be able to play with other online players.

The game has been created by Publisher and Developer Rockstar Studios and Games. you can say it is GTA but in the wild west era. you will be able to hunt for treasures, fight other online gangs, plan heists and do more.

Change Morality/ Honor Level Instantly (Vice Versa) In Red Dead Online

The online version of the game comes with many activities, side quests and main missions which let you create your own story. you can either choose the good path or the bad path.

The only problem is that you cannot just do any main missions you want. your current honor level will decide and effect whether you get the Good path mission or the bad path missions.

So in this guide, you will find how to change your morality status from Honorable to dishonorable and vice versa instantly.

How To Switch From Honorable To Dishonorable Instantly And Vice Versa In Red Dead Online

To switch from Honorable to Dishonorable quickly you will need to Visit the Old Man Jones NPC. this is one of a kind vendor NPC which can instantly change your current morality but it is not going to be cheap.

Switching from Honorable to Dishonorable and vice versa will require you spend three Gold bars which is very expensive at the early stages of the game.

Location Of Old Man Jones – you can find this NPC in the southwestern side of the map. you will need to go to Riggs Station (located east from Strawberry and north of Blackwater). once you arrive at Riggs station just head west and you will find him in a small tent.

Why Do you even need to Switch Honor

One of the main reason for changing honor is to unlock the locked story missions. if you haven’t noticed yet the story in Red Dead Online branches into story two modes the Gunslinger(Honor path) and the outlaw(dishonor path).

Each storyline gives you different missions with different choices and cutscenes and completing them will give you many different rewards. just note that you should complete these missions at the location marked on your map.

Doing them in quick play option will reduce the amount of XP and money you earn.

How to Increase Or Decrease Honor without spending money at Old Man Jones

The good news is that you can increase or decrease your honor just like you did in the main game Red Dead Redemption 2. but it would be very tedious and time to switch from honorable or dishonorable.

To increase and decrease honor you can complete the activities listed below

  • Completing Bounty Hunts
  • Take Stranger quests and help them(stranger quests appear as a white dot)
  • Pay off your Bounties

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