Red Dead Online – 4 Ways To Earn Money Quickly

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online version is now available for all Red Dead Redemption 2 owners. it has been created by Developer Rockstar San Diego and Publisher Rockstar studios and will be the first online version in the RDR series.

The game is basically the GTA of the Wild West era where players will be able to Posse, battle other gangs, complete missions and take part in random events occurring across the map.

4 Ways To Earn Money Quickly In Red Dead Online

Throughout the Wild West online world, you will need to earn money to maintain your camp, pay for the stable and buy new items to improve your characters abilities.

The only problem is that earning money is rather slow and can easily become a tedious and boring task. so in this guide, you will learn how to earn money quickly and easily.

Below you will find a list of methods and how you can utilize them to earn money quickly.

Quick Join Story Missions Of Red Dead Online

Throughout the game, you will find various activities which will reward you with a small amount of money. but we need to earn money quickly so ditch the stranger quests and other side events.

You should focus on completing story missions as the reward you with several hundred dollars. you can complete these mission with your own Posse or you can join other random online players.

All you need to do is while in free roam mode press the directional left pad(just tap it). you will find a Free roam menu where you will see several options. you need to choose the quick join and then story mission on call. here you can choose a mission after which it will team you up with other players.


This method will also let you earn some money quickly and easily. but to maximize the earning you should avoid hunting big animals like bears, alligators and more as their pelts just take too much space and as they are aggressive there is a high chance that you will end up damaging their skins and waste much ammo.

Easy Hunting And Quick Money – So always look for smaller and less aggressive animals like deer, goats, rabbits and more. you can easily catch them with your lasso and then kill them with the knife. by using this method you won’t damage their skin and you will get your materials without using any ammo. also, you can carry multiple such pelts at once.

You can find plenty of such small animals around Strawberry. here you will find raccoons, rats, rabbits, birds, and deer and much more easy to kill creatures. if you want to be quick and don’t want to lasso them. then you should use Varmint rifle which will not damage the small animal’s skin.


Another method which you can use to earn some quick easy money is by catching fish. you can purchase a fishing rod from any General store. just note that you will need to be rank 14 to unlock the rod.

Get Special Lure – If you have a gold bar which you can spare then purchase a Lake Lure. this lure will be normally available at rank 30. but if you spend a gold bar you will be able to get it early.

Once you have the Fishing rod and Lake sure go to any lake present on the map and start fishing.

What Fish To Look For – The Steal Head Trout is one of the best fish. each of these sells for $4.25 and the good thing is that they do not need much space so you can catch plenty of them and sell them at once to the Butcher. you can this fish mostly near the water present south of Valentine/southeast of Flatneck Station.

How To Not Get Killed While fishing – in the online version of Red Dead there is always a chance that you might get killed and if your fishing it would make you vulnerable.

So to avoid getting killed you need to set up a camp just near the shore of the water where you want to fish. then raise the White flag so that other players won’t be able to attack you.

You can learn more about White Flag and Pacifist mode here – How To Turn Off PVP/ Turn On Pacifist Mode.

Reset Character for Some Quick Money

Before you begin to use this method remember that you will need to play some missions over and over again but the reward is pretty good.

So first go to the character creation menu and create a character with random appearance and abilities to quickly get over this part. after that, you need to play the first six-story missions which will give you around 400 dollars.

Now just delete the character from the player menu and start over with a new character and play the missions again. you will get a new character and also have the money you earned earlier. you can repeat this method as many times you want. once you get bored of it you can just create your main character and continue progressing through the game.

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