Darksiders 3 – Location Of All Essence / Balance In All Things Trophy

Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 is now finally available on PC, PS4, and Xbox. it is a sequel to DS 2 and has been released by Publisher THQ nordic and Developer Gunfire Games.

The new Hack and slash action adventure game will feature Fury who has been described as the most unpredictable and now needs to defeat and capture the seven deadly sins. you will also find a leveling and crafting system which will let you customize your playstyle.

Location Of All Essence / Balance In All Things Trophy In Darksiders 3

Throughout the game, you will gather many different resources which will help you upgrade your weapons and increase Fury’s stats and abilities.

To fully upgrade your enhancements you will need to get the Essence of a Chosen which can be acquired by defeating hidden boss present across the game.

Below you will find a guide on the location of all the five Essence.

Important note – you buy unlimited Essence of a chosen from Vulgrim after you complete the story. but they are very expensive and just defeating the mini-boss is easier than farming the resources.

Location Of All Essence and Mini Boss

Flame Warden – In The Hollows, Molten Cave

Here you need to go down the stairs and cross the lowered short bridge. then go straight up the stairs to the left, from here go left again and you will reach a hidden door area. now you need to take the crawlspace and flip the switch to open the hidden door. inside you will find the warden kill it to get the Essence.

Corrupted Timekeeper – In The Boneyard, Cargo Ship

here you will need to use your storm hollow form and then cross the acid lake. after that, you will need to bring down the squid platform and move it on the left side to reach the rooftop of the building. once you have completed these steps get inside the building and you will find the boss.

Templar Of The Damned – In The Depths, Forgotten Lake.

You will need to enter the water and then go to the left doorway. here you will find switches, hit them to open the gate. enter the open gate and then leave the water. just use the Force hollow to climb the purple wall. after this, you will find the third boss kill it to get the Essence.

Agony – In Haven, West End

First, enter the parking garage and then use the Statsis hollow to climb the elevator hole. once you reach top use the Force hollow to climb through the gap. here you will find the fourth mini-boss Agony.

The Grock – In Scar

Here you will need to use the moving platforms to proceed. while riding these platforms you need to jump onto the Balcony present on the left side. this will take you to the final miniboss.

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