Red Dead Online – How To Turn Off PVP/ Turn On Pacifist Mode

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has finally arrived on PS4 and Xbox One. it is a multiplayer action adventure game for their game RDR2 and has been created by Publisher Rockstar Games and Developer Rockstar San Diego.

You can say that it is a GTA online game but is based on the wild west era. you will able to create your own character, create Posse with other players, battle with other online gangs, hunt for treasure and much more.

How To Turn Off PVP/ Turn On Pacifist Mode In Red Dead Online

While progressing through the online wild west world. you will be able to complete many different activities present throughout the map.

But as the game is fully online where you will meet other online players. there is a high chance that you will be hunted down by some griefers which can prevent you from enjoying the online world. to prevent this you will need to use the white flag.

So in this guide, you will learn how to turn off the PVP mode and turn on the pacifist mode so that you are not attacked by Posse of other cowboys.

How To Use The White Flag

So to not get attacked in the game you will first need to get to the white flag present in the middle of your camp.

Once you get near the flag you will need to inspect it and then you will need to use the L2/LT which will raise or lower it.

If the white flag is lower then it will mean that you are ready to fight any PVP players but if you have raised the white flag then it would mean that you are in pacifist mode and you do not want to fight.

Turning on the pacifist mode would make you immune to all the damage and will also stop all other players from attacking you.

You can also change the flag sign while you are in free roam. just press the left directional pad and then go to the camp section. here you will see an option called white flag which can be toggled between raised and lowered.

Just remember this mechanic only works while you are in a certain radius of the camp. once you are out of this area you would not remain immune.

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