Darksiders 3 – Solution To Web Puzzles And Hollow’s Catacomb Puzzle

Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 has been finally released by Publisher THQ Nordic and Developer Gunfire Games. it will be an action adventure hack and slash based on the popular Darksiders series.

It will be the third entry in the main series and will be the sequel to the DS 2. the new installment will feature Fury Sister of War, Death, and Strife who is now tasked to hunt down the 7 deadly sins and help the Council.

Solution To Web Puzzles And Hollow’s Catacomb Puzzle In Darksiders 3

Throughout the game, you will be able to obtain many different types of weapons and armor to progress through different parts of the game.

The Web Puzzle is one of the many puzzles you will find in the game. most of them are pretty easy but there is one of them which can be a bit confusing.

So below you will find a guide on how to easily solve it and proceed to the next area of the game. but before we do that we will need to learn how to destroy the Webs.

How To Solve Web Puzzles In Darksiders 3

While progressing you will find many areas which have been blocked by Webs. to remove them you can use two methods below you will learn about them.

Using Bug and Flaming Goo – for the first method, you will need to use the bugs and the red flaming goo present near the webbed areas.

First, you need to check around the ceiling present near these webbed areas which is holding the red flaming goo. now just hit it with the whip and it would fall on the ground.

Now grab the Bugs and throw it near the goo. the bug will start eating it and will become glowing red. once it becomes red grab it again and throw it on to the web and it will burn down and give you a clear path.

Flame Hollow Form – Once you obtained the Flame hollow form from the Lord Of Hollows you will be able to burn down the webs without using the Bugs.

All you need to do is use the secondary attack button or just use the holding the jump button in midair to burn them down.

Just note that the white web, when burned down, does not come back but the red web when burned regrows and it mostly present in the timed puzzle areas of Darksiders 3.

Web Puzzle of Catacombs in Hollow Area With Pressure Plate

This is probably the most confusing puzzle of the game but you can solve it easily by following the guidelines listed below.

First, grab the bug and go to the center of the pressure plate. when the pressure plate is all the way down. through the bug towards the red flaming goo on the ground.

The bug will feed on the goo and will become red. get near the bug and hit it with your whip and it will explode.

Now after the explosion dash towards the pressure plate as fast as you can and get on it. the explosion will burn down the red webs and will open the gate and finally, you will be able to proceed to the other area of the game.

Alternative Approach to Catacomb Puzzle

Take the bug, put him by the goo he eats then go to the right of him and use your flame to light the wall then run to the pressure plate. The burning web on the right sets the bug to explode causing the left web to burn this way gives you much more time to get to the pressure plate. (suggested by Mark Wallace)

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