Age Of Civilizations 2 – List Of All Console Commands And Cheats

Age Of Civilizations 2 has been released on PC via Steam and has been created by Developer and Publisher Lukasz Jakowski Games. it is an indie War strategy game based on Historical maps.

In the game, players will be able to use different military tactics and diplomacy strategy to conquer the world. you will find different terrain types, population, and an end game time lapses. furthermore, you will also find an in-game editor.

List Of All Console Commands And Cheats In Age Of Civilizations 2

Throughout the game, you will need to gather resources and army to form good diplomatic relationships or just plow through every country and conquer them.

But doing the above can be very tedious and time taking. so in this guide, you will find some cheat codes to make the game easier and enhance your experience.

Below you will find a list of commands and how and where you need to use the commands to activate them.

To activate the cheats you will need to go to the country menu and in line, you will need to type the commands/cheat codes listed below.

Below you will find a list of all the cheats codes you can use in the game.

addciv [Tag of Country]: this code adds civilization in any selected province.

addplayer: this code adds a new player in any selected country.

army: this code adds +300 warriors.

civs: this code shows tags of all the countries.

diplomacy: this code adds +0.7 movement point.

Id: this will get you the id of selected civilization.

money: this code adds +450 money.

population: this code adds population to any selected province.

War ID1 ID2: this declares war between Civilization. for example War 1 and 3.

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