Battlefield 5 – Location Of All The Letters In Under No Flag

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 will the sixteenth installment in the main series of the game. it has been created by Publisher Electronic Arts and Developer Dice who are bringing a new approach to the single-player mode and a battle royale mode.

At Launch, players will be able to play through three different War Stories. Nordlys tells the story of Norwegian resistance, Tirailleur tells the story of Senegalese Tirailleur and Under No Flag where players play as Billy Bridger.

Location Of All The Letters In Under No Flag In Battlefield 5

While progressing through the game you will be able to collect many different collectibles and also unlock new vehicles and weapons.

The Hidden Letters are one of the many items you can find in different campaigns of the single-player mode. collecting all these items will unlock different kinds of weapons.

So in this guide, you will find the location of all the Hidden Letters present in the War Story under No Flag.

Important Note whenever you enter an area where the Hidden Letter is located you will get a notification which will say you have entered a collectible area in Battlefield 5.

Crossing Lines

Letter #1 – Life Goes On

Can be found in the first chapter, you will need to follow Mason and head up towards the thill and then enter the fishing hut located on the right side. inside you will find the letter on the table.

Letter #2 – I Want To Go Home

Can be found after your fight against the first group of enemies in Under No Flag. you slide down the hill, kill some enemies in the plane graveyard and then go to the central Hillside Plateau. there you will find the letter on the ground.

Letter #3 – You Should Hear The Noise

Can be found in the same area as Letter #2, follow the road which leads to the Hangar. there you will find a Halftrack vehicle on the side of the road. just take the right path to the water and you will arrive at the “River” Zone. here you will find the Letter in the bushes.

Butcher And Bolt

Letter #1 – Report Immediately To Berlin

Can be found in an Abandoned Hut located on the left side just near the beginning of the map. there you will find two soldiers. so finish them first, then enter the building and on the left side, next to a vehicle you will find the letter.

Letter #2 – Any Old Sheets

Can be found outside the Radar Station. just go to this station and look for a small Pile of Rocks located on the road down from the station. you will find the letter in this piles.

Letter #3 – Our Great Nation

Can be found near the Comms Station in some pile of rocks. so first go to Comms Station and you will reach a location named Basin Edge. here you will find the letter along the road among some stones.

Letter #4 – We Are Safe

Can be found near the Airfield in some pile of rocks. so first go towards the Airfield and in one of the curves of the road. look for the letter on the ground next to some trees.

Letter $5 – My Contribution

Can be found in the lake, you will need to look for a small island which has many Palm trees. in this area you will find a pile of rocks with the Letter.

Letter #6 – To Be Reunited

Can be found in the far edge side of the Airfield. all you need to go is go the Ridge Line and you will find a Watch Tower. the letter is present little far away from the stairs among some dirt.

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