Fallout 76 – How To Get Free Gear And Location To Buy Gear

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has finally arrived on PC, PS4, and Xbox. it will be an open world online multiplayer game where you will play as the resident of Vault 76 with other players who may be either your friend or enemy.

The online multiplayer comes with some old mechanics like the VAT system, card perks and some new mechanics like expansion in base building, online duel system and the ability to gather nuclear codes to launch nuclear weapons on any part of the map.

How To Get Free Gear And Location To Buy Gear In Fallout 76

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock and craft different types of armors, weapons, and other items. but to do that you will need to get necessary amount of materials/resources.

Gear is one of the many materials/resources which you can be used for crafting, repairing and upgrading items. you can find this particular material in different items scattered throughout the game world.

Below you will find a guide on how and where you can get Gear. you will also learn about the different items which can be salvaged/scraped to get Gear.

How to get Free Gear

There are many different items present in the game world which can be broken down to get gears. all you need to do is collect them and then take them to the workbench and just break them down to obtain the gear.

Most of the item containing gear can be found in factories, power plants, garage, and other machinery buildings. below you will find a list of all the items which contains Gear.

  • Adjustable Wrench – 1
  • Antique Pocket Watch – 2
  • Bone Cutter – 2
  • Camera – 2
  • Desk Fan – 2
  • Fishing Rod – 2
  • Giddyup Buttercup Back Leg – 2
  • Giddyup Buttercup Front Leg – 2
  • Gold Watch – 2
  • High-Powered Microscope – 2
  • Office Desk Fan – 2
  • Microscope – 2
  • Reporter’s Camera – 2
  • Restored Desk Fan – 2
  • Silver Pocket Watch – 2
  • Undamaged Camera – 2
  • Giddyup Buttercup – 3
  • Typewriter – 3
  • ProSnap Camera – 4
  • Carlisle Typewriter – 6
Location Of Gear

If you do not want to look for items and scrap them to get the Gear. then you can try fighting the Mole Miner creatures which can be found in various mines present across the game.

Just enter the mines and you will encounter them. be warned that they are pretty durable and can deal some high damage to you if you have a low level.

If you are able to defeat them then you can get Gears from their outfits. you can find some of the mine locations below.

In Mount Blair – located in Ash Heap Region.

In Blackwater Mine – located in the Savage divide. it is beside the railway track.

Buying From Vendors In Fallout 76

The whole game world consists of many different vendors. if you have plenty of money(caps) to spend then you can buy Bulk Gears.

Majority of vendors can be found in the train stations. to find more station just go to the nearest train station and then enter the ticket office.

Here you will find a map on the wall which has pins stuck on it which indicates all the train station. now just go to the different station and you will find different vendors.

Below you find some of the vendors who sell Bulk gears.

Flatwood Vendor – located in the forest region

Morgan town vendor – located in the forest region

Top of the world vendor – located in the savage divide region.

Charleston Fire Department vendor – located in the Ash Heap region.

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