Fallout 76 – Get Free Ballistic Fiber And Location To Buy Ballistic Fiber

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 will be the prequel to the whole Fallout story and will be the ninth installment in the series. it has been created by the Bethesda Softworks and Gaming Studios.

The new FO game brings some old mechanics like VATS and the character attributes system and some new mechanics like a fully online multiplayer environment and the ability to launch nuclear weapons on the map.

Get Free Ballistic Fiber And Location To Buy Ballistic Fiber In Fallout 76

Throughout the game, you will be able to craft different types of weapons, armors, and other items which will help you progress through the post-apocalyptic world. but to do that you will need to get proper resources.

Ballistic Fiber is one of the many resources you will find in the game. it is one of the rare crafting material which is used for repairing high-level equipment.

So below you will find a guide on how to get and salvage/scrap ballistic fiber.

Salvaging/Scraping Ballistic Fiber from items

You won’t find this resource in plenty around the map in its raw form. to get more of these you need to salvage or scrap from items made from Ballistic Fiber.

You can scrap Ballistic from the following items listed below.

  • Peizonucleic Liner – 2
  • Military-Grade Duct Tape – 2
  • Military Ammo Bag – 2

Once you find any of these items just take them to the Workbench and break it down to get the Fiber.

Location of The Items mentioned in The above

All the items listed can be found mainly in military departments. below you will find some of these locations.

Poseidon Power Plant – it is located on the southwestern part of the map in the Forest region. it is present on the land surrounded by the river. the plant itself looks like a factory with three chimneys on the map.

Search the plant carefully as you will find some Ammo bags. if you don’t find one load them again and you may find some.

Camp McClintock – it can also be found on the southwestern side of the map in the Forest region. it is located south from vault 76 and northeast from Poseidon Power Plant.

Search the camp and you will find at least 6-10 military ammo bags. if you can’t find them here just reload the game and you may find it.

Buying From vendors

Many vendors also sell Ballistic Fiber in bulk. below you will find the list of some vendors who sell this item.

  • The Forest – Flatwoods Vendor
  • Ash Heap – Charleston Fire Department
  • The savage Divide – Top of the World vendor.

How to find more vendors – to find more vendors just visit the nearest train station. in the ticket office of the station, there is always a map with pins stuck on it. they indicate all the train station. track all these stations as most of them have a vendor in them.

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