Fallout 76 – How To Get Free Adhesive And Craft Adhesive

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is out now for all owners in PS4, Xbox One and PC. it will be the ninth entry in the main series and will the Prequel to all the fallout game released so far.

The story of the game is set in an alternate version of history and will take place in 2102 which is twenty-five years after the nuclear war which destroyed almost all the life on earth.

How To Get Free Adhesive And Craft Adhesive In Fallout 76

While progressing through the game you will need to craft new weapons, suits, items or just upgrade and repairs devices. to do the crafting you will need to gather the necessary amount of resources.

The adhesive is one of the many resources present in the game and is used for crafting, upgrading or repairing items. the only problem is that the game does not explain properly how to get it.

So in this guide, you will learn about different methods you can utilize to get Adhesive quickly and easily.

Get Adhesive from Items

There are many different items in the game from which you can extract adhesive. once you get an item which contains adhesive just go to a nearby Armor Workbench, Tinker Workbench, or Weapons workbench.

These workbenches can be found in the different location of the map or you can just craft it yourself at your Base.

Once you get one of the workbenches just get near it and use the Scrap junk items function. from here you just need to scroll down the item you want to scrap and press the appropriate button.

Below you will find the list of items which gives Adhesive. these items can be found all around the map. most of the times these items spawn in homes, Office and other buildings.

List Of Items Containing Adhesive

  • Duct Tape – 1
  • Vegetable Starch – 2
  • Wonderglue -2
  • Pack of Duct Tape – 4
  • Military Grade Duct Tape – 4
  • Sealed Wonderglue – 4
  • Economy Wonderglue – 5
Craft Your Adhesive In Fallout 76

Calling this method crafting is probably not best as you grow them. to be more precise you will farm certain plants which can later be broken down to get Adhesive.

To utilize this method first you need to get one of the following plant’s corn, Mutfruit, and Tato. once you have one of the plants you will need Purified water.

After getting the Purified water and the plant you will need to return to your base. here you will need to choose the build option and then select the food tab. if you have some fertilizer and the plant then you will be able to plant it near the camp.

This will give a permanent source for getting the Adhesive. furthermore, the plant can also be used for reducing your hunger.

After you have the plants listed above. go to the cooking station and then select the Utilities option. here you will find the Vegetable Starch. craft it and you will be able to break down the plant at other crafting workbenches.

Or you can just skip the farming process and look for the plants across the world present in the game and then just break it down to get the adhesive.

Buying Adhesive from Vendors In Fallout 76

Throughout the game, you will find many vendors which sell different kinds of items. some of them also sell adhesive.

Most of the vendors are always present inside the ticket office of a Train station. if you do not know the location of Train station. then first get inside the office of a known train station.
Here you will find a map on the wall with pins stuck on it indicating the location of the station. now just follow them to get to different vendors.

Below you will find the location of all the vendors who sell adhesive

  • Flatwood Vendor
  • Charleston Fire Department Vendor
  • Morgan Station Vendor

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